Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It is a bit of a mess here right now.  You can see that in the photo!  Being a short one, I use the stool in the upper right, but it is foldable and should have been put in it's  place.

Then there is Noah's litter box.  For a while, it was under our dining table, then we moved it in the space between the "navigator's chair and my seat, but that is where my case with my circular sock machine is now located.  The only place I can think to put the litter box is in the shower.  Any other suggestions?

And ladies and gentlemen, on the right just above and behind Oliver, you see a full trash bag.  That dandy item now hangs on the hand rail.  I REALLY do not like that!

With John's COPD, I thought I had to bring our small room air filter.  Again, there is no good place for it.  Last night, it went to the campground dumpster and I will look for a smaller, less obtrusive filter.

Now, for what we have accomplished.  First is our floors that John installed last summer when he felt much better than he does now.  Then there is the Karastan oriental rug on which  the fur kids love to rest.

Well, maybe not so much to rest all the time.  It is  also used as a wrestling mat for Noah (the cat) and Olivia (the dog).  And guess who always wins....Noah!

 Oliver just stands in the background and asks "when will these two ever grow up and be more dignified, LIKE ME?"

After the rug went down, John removed one of the light fixtures on the wall and hung my cherry Howard Miller wall clock.  It is no longer hanging crooked as you see in the photo.

Next to the clock and waiting to be framed and hung is a pen and ink drawing of Talley's Pub.

John also removed the traditional Winnebago watercolor that comes with every rig.  There, we are going to hang one of my pieces of fiber art work.  This "painting" is composed of hand dyed fibers then blended and laid out to create the picture.  

This "painting" won Grand Champion, Best of Show at the Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival. 

The holes left by the watercolor is where this picture will be hung. 

There is another fiber painting to be hung in the bedroom.  A few years ago, this was a Father's Day gift for John.  I entered this "painting" in the fine arts division at our county fair and won a blue ribbon.  What a surprise.

As we travel and John and I take pictures of scenes that we like, I will take the photo and recreate it by painting with the fiber.

I have my dye pot, dyes and all other equipment with me.  I guess we could say that our motorhome is an art studio on wheels.  From our traveling studio, I will be selling the artwork as Merikay and Karen in the Woods will be selling their works.

The final, so far, touch of home we have added is the last quilt John's mom made before her death.  This quilt was even made for John which gives it special meaning to him.

In the lower right corner is a small, portable washing machine.  This baby saves us a lot of money on laundry bills.  It was two hundred dollars and has paid for itself many times over.

As we begin our search for a newer motorhome, a built in washer/dryer is just one of my must haves. What is so funny is that although we have sold our house, we just have not felt a rush to purchase our next motorhome.  For me, that is a good thing.

Enough for today.  If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to head to the comment box!  Thanks for stopping by.

God bless!


  1. Nan it's so good to read your blog and see how well you, John and the fur babies are doing. It's good not to be in a hurry to buy your next home on wheels. The "perfect" one for you is out there when the time is right. Joe is always looking. It is an encouragement to us to know when we are ready to travel, just the right one will be there for us too.

    I love your art work!!

  2. Our fiver is primed for a washer/dryer but we've decided we really need the space for a clothes closet. It is lays our T's, sweaters, jeans.

    People who have washer/dryers say they would not be without them. People who don't have them, say no thanks. To each their own!

    When we had a cat, we had room in our bedroom for the litter pan. Had though about the shower but then would have to figure a way to keep door open.

  3. Cat's quite often seem to rule the roost! :)

  4. The fiber painting are wonderful. You are one talented young lady!
    I love the photo of the kids playing. They are adorable.
    It takes time to make yourself a new home. Take your time and enjoy the journey!

  5. Cute furkids. Love the photo of them wrestling. Take your time finding that special home that is just right for you.

  6. So much fun to see you two settling in! Our cat box sits in the hall while driving and goes in front of the passenger seat when parked. It is a tall one so doesn't scatter much. the shower was too much of a pain in the patootie because I didn't want jeremy scratching at the bathroom door at night and we don't leave it open.

  7. I put a pet door in my bathroom door and keep the cat litter pan (actually a dishpan - no cover) on the bathroom floor, next to the toilet. I did not want it in the shower, didn't want to have to clean cat litter out of the shower when I use it. I actually use my shower, I do not use public showers. You should be able to get an air purifier that plugs right into a wall outlet - small and not taking up any floor space. No hurry to get a new RV, look at them as you travel and wait for the "one" to show up.

  8. Love the doggy photos & especially your header picture:)) Good idea not to be in a hurry to find your next Motorhome. We have made that mistake several times & it proved costly & frustrating for us.


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