Friday, May 11, 2012


I sure need help resizing my heading pictures!  Any suggestions?  

Today while purchasing new mower blades at Tractor Supply Co. (TSC), I saw this elephant and could not resist.  I was shocked at the price of the blades!  Sixty-nine dollars.  And let's see,  that is three times since John got sick.  Oh Well, over and done with.  

Again this morning, I was off for a nap.  This time it was a two hour siesta rather than yesterday's three.  Maybe my body is healing.  

Many of you suggested that I hire someone to mow for me.  As I read that to John, he said to me, "but that is your alone time, your decompression time."  I was thinking the exact thought.  

We have always had property large enough that it called for a riding mower or garden tractor to do the mowing and I have been the one to mow.  I was a stay at home mom when the girls were young.  When John got home from work I hopped on the mower and had my "alone time."  I did not hear the ringing phone, or one, maybe all the girls wanting my immediate attention.  I was in my own world.

With the present stress of being the care giver I will give up many things, but not my special on a machine that makes enough noise that I cannot hear anything else.

To prevent any more mishaps, all rocks and tree stumps will be market with little flags.  Right now the grass is short enough that I can find and mark them.  

Today was John's first outing to the grocery.  I let him out at the door and he found a motorized shopping cart.  When I came in, I wiped it down to eliminate viruses and bacteria.  Off we went to do the shopping.  

Now, how is that for a day of recovery?  I still feel so tired....almost as if I've been drugged.  I think that just maybe, I am sleeping too much, so will try no nap. 

We reduced the price of the house $8,000.  We will see if that brings us any offers.  In one way, we want to sell quickly, but in another, we do want to get a decent price for the place.  We do not HAVE to sell and can be patient with this new price point.  

OK, all you naturalists out there.  Each morning, this  is what is blooming in our mulch.  A fungus, very fragile, beautiful!  When I first spotted them, I thought someone had dropped some carrots. The fungus spring from the white mass to the right of the ?.  

Here is a photo of Wednesday's "crop"....  aren't they beautiful?  But what are they????? 

God bless you all....thank you so much for your prayers!  Please keep them coming for John, for me and for the sale of the house.... Not asking for much, am I????  

Love you all!  

Not a very exciting blog tonight.  


  1. Hang on, Nan. Better days are ahead. I had already decided what I was going to write after reading your blog in Reader--that was before I saw John's picture and the quote underneath.

    Stressful trimes will pass. You're in my thoughts.

  2. Go to my blog for some tips on resizing your heading photo. A case of trial and error.

  3. Look at your template and see how large your header can be. Upload a photo that size or smaller.
    Interesting header pictures...says it all!

  4. That is an interesting fungus. The second photo did not show up, just a white box. That is a GREAT header photo. Glad you bought the elephant. You should be able to resize the photo in whatever photo editing program you use.

  5. Nan, as I was bouncing and mowing with the garden tractor yesterday, I also realized what a gift it is to have that "alone time" It had been too long!!! John is so right on. Hopefully you will be on the mend soon. My thoughts are with you.

  6. That fungus is called Dead Man's Finger. If you get close enough it reeks like rotted meat. Phew!

    I hear you about the alone time.

  7. I was exhausted after only four days of Jim being in the hospital. I can't imagine the punishment your poor body has taken. So be patient with it. Hugs and prayers for both of you today.

  8. I do hope you feel back to your regular self soon. I know what you mean about time on a mower. I love it. My favorite thing to do at my volunteer job at Manzanita Park. Happy Mother's Day by the way.

  9. When I put a new picture on my header, there is a box you can check that says "resize photo to fit?" I check that box and it automatically resizes. Sometimes I have to put in a new picture to be able to find that option.

    I understand mower/alone time as well. However, riding around on bumpy ground can make you feel like you've been beaten up.

  10. I've seen fungus like that here - I think ours are called stinkhorns. They do stink. Say Hi to John. You are both in our prayers.


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