Friday, February 10, 2012


From the time I was a youngin till my Dad's death, we had a competition.  Who would see the first Robin of the year.  Usually, my dad won. It was great fun, though.  

But, one strange phenomenon was that after the Robin arrived,  it would snow.  I remember one year, the Robins would huddle up close to our barn for warmth because the temperatures really hit rock bottom.  

Well, they are here.  It is now snowing and the 
Math models snowflakes
temperatures are due to be the lowest yet for this winter season.  

The cold temperatures and the colder temperatures are not making us sluggish, though.  We are just keepin on keepin on.  The journey to our full time journey must go on.  

Today, our time has been spent gathering, photographing, listing, answering emails regarding the listings and selling items that were listed on Craig's List.  What a great tool!  And all they ask is a donation and it is not required.  You can be sure we will make a donation!  We have saved time, packaging, gas and $$$$ by not listing on Ebay.  Ebay is good for some things, but not all.  

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a problem.  I have yet to plan what I will do.  Will I paint the half bath?  Will I clean carpet in one of the bed rooms?  What a puzzlement.  But I DO  know what I will do Sunday.  R. E. S. T.  

Time to fix dinner, so it's see ya later.

God bless your travels.  


  1. We still have boatloads of robins still here on the refuge, so I'm guessing spring is a little ways off yet. :)

    1. So, do they all go north for the summer? Last year there was a flock of about 50 that never left. I worried about those critters!

  2. When I was walking Scooter today, there were hundreds of birds of all species chirping and singing and fighting with each other. It was just incredible. Scooter could have cared less but then she saw a rabbit and off we went.

  3. We have a mocking bird and a blue jay that love to torment Olivia. Now she tries to jump and catch them.

  4. We love Craigslist. When we were selling our house, everything we didn't sale at the garage sales we sold on Craigslist. How great that service is.
    Poor little Robins. With all the warm weather they may just got confused.
    Don't worry about will take care of itself! ~wheresweaver

  5. Once I saw a robin huddled under a bush in our yard after an April blizzard... so i cut balogna into strips (like worms?) and laid them out there. He flew right back and gobbled them up! He was starving! So then I put out more each day. His mate joined him. For two weeks I went through a whole pack of bologna! LOL

    I am debating on trying to paint the bathroom tomorrow too! But the 3 year old grandson around, I am not sure Steveio could keep him entertained long enough for me to get it done!

    YIPPEE on Craigs list! We got rid of stuff and also found our other Tracker on there last month.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Hummmm, I think I will list our Ford 150! Don't think I'd paint with a youngin around

  7. Your day sounds gorgeous!
    I have seen plenty of blue jays but I've yet to ever see a red robin.


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