Monday, February 27, 2012


Someone once said all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy.  I don't know about dull, but it surely makes for a very tired John and Nan.  We finally have taken a day off from our labors and this is feeling as if it is a very good thing.  

Two of the four columns have their first coat of paint.  The other two are standing there patiently waiting for their turn.

"Stuff is stacked, on chairs, tables and sofa waiting patiently to be taken to the motorhome.  

Paintings are ready to be hung, not by the chimney with care.  The abstract on the left that looks blueish, but isn't goes into the dining room.  

You can also see the cherry hardwood floors that John and I installed. 

A lesson we have learned from this adventure is that we cannot take a twenty five year old house and make it new construction.  

We are pleased with the way things are looking.  If we hurried, we could have it on the market next week.  You can see where the bulkhead is cut in at the end of the cabinets.  The kitchen needs to be painted as well as the half bath just behind the unpainted columns. The stove needs to be installed and a plumbing leak needs to be tweaked.  

Work is complete from where the carpeting begins (there's a gate to keep the fur kids out!)  in the photo.   The dining room is complete with the exception of light fixtures as is the entry and hall.  

My weaving loom is in the family room awaiting the "right" new owner.  I need to replace the reed and it will be ready to go.  I am sad to see a good friend go, but I need a smaller loom that will be convenient in the motorhome.  

John's wood turning tools that we listed on Craig's List have sold quickly and we have just a few left.  Some buyers have traveled over one hundred miles to purchase them.  It is fun to witness the excitement of these people when they know they have new "toys."  You know what they say about the difference between men and boys.....BUT there are also women wood turners.  I'll stick to my fiber.  

The temperature today here in Indiana is fifty degrees.  Tomorrow, it is to be fifty two and Wednesday, sixty!  It looks as if we are going to be outside spiffing up things there so work inside will wait for colder temperatures or rain.

Yesterday, friends of ours from Michigan drove down are took home with them a garden tractor, a lawn vacuum, a chipper, a hand mower, fencing, and more things for their farm.  Deb even took our old stove to use in her fiber dyeing!  Now that is big time repurposeing!  She also left with our antique wardrobe.  It should be awesome in their antique age farm house.  

Thinking back to this time last year......we were in Death Valley watching the sky at night and marveling at the vast number of stars visible to just the naked eye.

Thinking forward to our journey next year.  It will be our first winter of fulltiming.  We are eager to learn what God has planned for the journey.

To be able to start that journey.....we keep working. And working. And working.

Till next time,
God bless you and your travels, your visits, your daily activities - whatever they may be.


  1. You guys are making amazing progress, it's good to take a break. And it's smart to work outside on the nice days, because you know the weather can change in a hurry.

    1. Thanks Teri. This rest day has flown by. I had planned to spin some yarn and have not had a chance. But I have rested and am looking forward to getting outdoors tomorrow.

  2. Pretty soon you'll be able to sit back and say it was all worth it. The housing market is predicted to be strong this Spring early Summer but slowing down by this Fall.

    Kathy and I had an interesting hobby but have decided that RVing and making Elaborate Wedding Cakes on the road do not mix.

    It's about time.

  3. Replies
    1. It is getting close enough that I am feeling a bit excited....but still holding my breath.

  4. week will be here before you know it. Sounds like you two are really working hard and long hours. Next winter will come so quickly! Can't wait to see where you end up! Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  5. I thought about you today. Glad to see such good progress. My husband says it's bad for me to read about others progress.

  6. Very nice post Nan. I bet you feel the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  7. All your hard work will pay off. Great post!


  8. Oh my goodness...your house is looking great, and the loom looks WONDERFUL! I can't wait to get it. Hubby is still weak as a spring lamb (*sigh*) and he was wondering how heavy it is.


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