Friday, April 25, 2014


Anza Borrego Desert State Park was not getting any cooler and we decided to throw in the towel and move to the nearby State Park.  

Our last day at Clark Dry Lake was spent relaxing in the shade of the motorhome and let the breezes keep us feeling cooler than the temperatures were indicating at ninety nine and one hundred three degrees.

The sky was full of wispy clouds and we were hoping for a beautiful a evening sunset.  

Due to the heat, Oliver, Olivia and Noah were not interested in eating and bulked at taking their walks to take care of their business. 
                                                                   They, like John and I just rested while waiting for sunset.
 I enjoyed watching this cloud formation as the evening progressed.    

The air currents created a beautiful scene as you will see in later photos.   

I would love to know why cloud watching is so relaxing.  I can sit and make up stories, find interesting figures and just daydream while gazing at the glorious sky.   

A pink tinge is beginning to color the lower edges of the clouds!  Hallelujah, it is beginning to cool down.  

The fur kids are up and feeling a bit of energy.

Oh, oh, watch out. They will not be this quiet for very long, I promise.

After being quiet for so long, they are ready to play.  

Olivia is just baiting Oliver. She is such an instigator.  

Let the wild play begin!

And they are off!

This goes on and on. Both toss and roll each other over the desert floor ending up as two huge dust bunnies...Or is that dust puppies?    
Sunsets are not only beautiful in the west.

I love to see the eastern sky as the sun plays on the distant clouds in the east.  

I decide that this cloud appears to be an amoeba with it's tendrils flowing from it's sides.

Desert sunsets have a beauty of their very own with the mountains and the desert floor to provide contrast between soft lights and hard and harsh mountains and desert floor.  

This cloud formation reminds me of a rocket flying through the sky. 

Fire seems to be lighting the sky.  The orange, yellow, lavender, pink, purple and blues all do their magic act.

And the sun's last hurrah promising that it will be back in the cool, early morning hours to trek through the desert sky once more.

Our Anza Borrego Desert hikes have ended for another year. 

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And a huge thank you to all who take the time to join us in our adventures.  Be safe out there and most of all.....
May God go with you in your lives.      


  1. Such gorgeous sunset photos. Safe travels friends.

  2. I always love the beautiful sunsets, but I agree that sometimes it's the eastern sky that is prettiest. The clouds and mountains just glow with the light of the setting sun. I guess I'll be heading north soon, but so far New Mexico isn't hot where I am. It's been perfect - a little windy from time to time, but the temps are perfect. :)

  3. Pretty Skies. Keep cool, we sure are ;)

  4. I had no idea it would be so hot there in April. Such a beautiful place I have always wanted to visit. Is there any good time to visit other than Jan or Feb?? Gorgeous pictures of the sky.

  5. Some of my best sunset & moody cloud photos have been taken from the Clark Dry Lake Bed near Borrego Springs. Also love watching the big cloud shadows drifting lazily across the face of the San Bernardino mountains to the north. Just a great, great, place to hang out.

  6. Gotta love the desert sunsets, we will miss them until next winter.

  7. I think watching a fire burn is like watching the clouds. It is just so magical!

    Lovely red sky!

  8. So peaceful, so beautiful but it can definitely get to be so hot. Time to move on is right!

  9. A lovely, perfect day in the desert. The pups have the appropriate schedule all figured out! Having the time to watch clouds change across the mountains describes exactly what we are most looking forward to. Thanks for sharing :-).

  10. The dogs have it figured out! Sitting outside, watching the configuration of clouds change across the horizon.....that's why we can't wait to be full-timers. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. You missed the chance to use all that heat and toast some marshmallows! ;c)


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