Monday, March 31, 2014


Our intention was to leave Quartzsite, Arizona Tuesday after we checked for mail at the post office.  Medical supplies were to arrive from Roche that had been ordered the previous week.  

The postal employee checked the general delivery and there was no mail for John.  We returned to the motorhome and John called Roche to see when the supplies were mailed. Just like last year, Roche did not mail them.

Now, going to their website, you find this motto: "Doing now what patients need next"  I don't think so!  

Wednesday, after consulting with John's physician and 
new making arrangements, leaving Roche out of the equation, 
we left Quartzsite for another year and headed to Anza Borrego
State Park and Borrego Springs.  

There were predictions of high wind gusts and John drove with 
much caution.  We had just two mighty gusts as we ventured 
Coachella and Walgreen's to pick up John's medicine. 

After another quick stop at Walmart for a few veggies and fruit, 
we programmed our Verizon Navigator for Anza Borrego State 
Park where we planned to spend a night or two.

I had much laundry to do and wanted to make use of their 
never ending supply of water.
Friday evening, we met with Blogger friends Merikay and 
Craig McKenna at Carmelita's for a Mexican dinner.
What a nice couple.  They are very excited about beginning their full time life. Florida is their destination for next winter.  

I awoke up early  Saturday morning and took Oliver and Olivia for a hike.  

I was very aware of all the rattlesnake sightings that bloggers have had and was very aware of our surroundings and what the dogs were doing each time they stopped to sniff the pee mail or scent trail.  

A huge Jackrabbit scurried off to our right.  Thank goodness the "kids" did not see it.  I was a bit entertained by it's running pattern.  Starting off slowly and gathering speed. By the time he was out of site he was really racing through the desert.

A bit further on our hike, to my left, I spot something different and of course we are off to explore!  What is this???
It seems that there is an entrance.  I'm too short to see if there is a roof, but I do see a metal cylindrical tube of some sort sticking up at the edge of this stacked rock wall.    Any ideas?  

Yesterday, after shopping at the Farmer's Market on Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs, we moved to our current location at Clark Dry Lake withing the Anza Borrego State Park.  This is a boondocking area called the "badlands."   

After the stop at the Farmer's Market, we are stocked with spring vegetables to last the week. I did not find my absolute favorite honey.  I purchased some last year and proceeded to run out by November.  This year I am going to double my purchase. 

Wind was in the forecast for today and the weatherman did not lie.  This is a photo of the mountains this morning.  What a lovely sight.  
The photo also shows our closest neighbors.  

A bit later, the wind began to blow.  And blow, it did!                                                   The wind and dust came roaring down the valley between the two mountain ranges.  

It did not get better for a long, long time.                                 The dust continued to blow and swirl up and into a backward spiral.                                                         Needless to day, we brought the slides in to protect the slide awnings.  

Here, inside the coach, I have prepared split pea, sweet potato curry in the crock pot.  We are just waiting for it to finish cooking.  

Thanks for stopping by.  And again, thank you for shopping through our Amazon link.  

God Bless!  


  1. How nice that you got to meet up with Merikay and Craig!

  2. Oh, I wish you could have been there when we were. Does that blowing dust bother John's breathing issues? So happy you got to meet Merikay and Craig! Have fun in the desert.

    1. If the dust is really blowing, John stays inside. If he MUST be outdoors, he has a mask to wear.

  3. Nan, tried 3 separate times to comment on your previous Solar post but it wouldn't work. I suspect maybe a Google problem. Enjoy your Borrego Springs time. We will be back there again probably in November.

    1. You made it Al! Thanks for caring enough to keep trying.

  4. The photo without the dust is lovely. With the dust, a bit

    We have never visited Anza Borrego State Park, but I know just about everyone else has. We need to hit that spot next year.

    We love getting together with other RVers. Seems we always have so much in common and could talk for days.

    1. What is so funny is that I had just cleaned the day before with the intent of getting rid of all the dust.

  5. Hi Nan! I saw your message about Olivia looking for Curtis and was meaning to reply to it but now I don't where you posted it! Facebook, blogs, email who knows! Anyway - sorry to miss you guys. That wind storm looks terrible! Are you heading up the coast any time soon?

    1. Too funny Leigh. Every day the kids would go look for Curtis. The wind storms were so strong that they created sand drifts across the highway.

  6. It was nice to meet you as well. We are dry camping tonight in the Casino Lot. We have decided to get a new Jeep after we get our South Dakota address. Don't want to pay CA sales tax and registration, and the have to reregister it in SD.

    I meant to ask you, but forgot. Can you run your airconditioner on solar?

    1. Woo hoo! A jeep! Sounds good to me! Right now, we do not have enough solar to run the A.C., but we will when we add more panels.

  7. Just love that area, but did not make it this year, always another time, we hope.

    1. Oh George, we do too. Maybe you can be here next year. We will make this one of our annual stops since it is near our daughter.

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  9. What a beautiful place and I too am very familiar with strong winds and blowing sand and dust.

    1. Inger, we were sitting outside last evening and could hear the breezes whistling. What a comforting sounds. You are very fortunate to live in the desert.


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