Wednesday, June 19, 2013


2012 and 2013 have been years of firsts.  Another was last weekend when John and Nancy Jo ie: Jojo were able to spend Father's day weekend together.  It was the first time in twenty years.  

Each of Saturday's activities was a surprise to John.  He had no idea where he was  going and what Jojo had planned. John's comment was that this was the best father's day he had ever had. 

Saturday was the first Father's day that John and Jojo had spent together in twenty years and Jojo had it packed with special events.

The first stop was Craft Micro Brewery in Lake Elsinore, CA. 

I am not a fan of beer of any kind, taste or smell and as luck would have it a winery was located at the other end of the building where Craft Micro brew is located.  

I could just end today's blog right here....It was such a special day. But the day didn't end there.  


From Craft, Jojo took her dad, allowing Cathie and I to tag along, to a baseball game featuring the Lake Elsinore Storm.


The above photo was taken from our super nice seats in the second row.  

It  was really nice to be able to sit and watch a baseball game and have the mountains as a backdrop.  

I am not sure I will ever take the mountain scenery for granted.  It reminds me that we are not in Indiana any more Toto.  

Sunday afternoon they were back at work on the pergola.  

I think they want to break my camera at this point!

Calculating the distance between each one by one was fun for both.  

Many conferences were held at the top of the ladders.  

Calculations were completed and the two by twos went to their approximate spot.

She did allow her dad on the ladder until he had a misstep, tripped and fell a short distance.  

There goes the "Trippin With The Talley's" once again!

Growing up, Jojo was the one who was willing to start the fires, light birthday candles and climb every tree around.  She is also the only one to have a broken bone!  

John was there to lend his construction knowledge and to help out with the calculations and moral support.  

Jojo seems to be making a point here.  

Meanwhile, back on the ground work was continuing.  Cathie and I began to work on concealing the waterfall  box.  As all the plants grow, it will look as if the waterfall is coming from a small hillside.

Making this area look as if it has always been there is a challenge.  Rocks are laid down, then moved and moved again until the area looks "at one with nature."  
this step is very time consuming as the rocks and plantings need to be viewed from every available angle.  

After this photo was taken, we uprooted some plants and moved them further away from the box to give them room for expansion in the years to come.  

We also had to amend the soil considerably.  As we dug into the soil it was hard as rock,  I used the formula that I learned in my Master Gardening classes.  

Just a little work and the pergola will be finished next weekend.  The planting should be completed.  After Jojo saves a bit of money, the stone will be placed around the Koi pond and her work will be done for the summer. 

That is her construction work will be done.  She is an avid gardener and has raised beds containing many veggies.  Too bad we will be gone when the tomatoes are ripe.

But not to fear...we will be traveling with our pots of tomatoes and herbs!  

Thanks for stopping by.  God bless !!!   


  1. A good Father's Day weekend, and the pergola looks good!

  2. Thanks Judy. They did do a great job.

  3. What a great week-end for Jojo and John and so nice you could go too! The pergola is way nice. Hope we get to see the finished project!

  4. WOW what a great Fathers day gift!!!

  5. What a wonderful Father's Day for John! A day to remember for sure.

    Things are really coming together outside. The pergola looks great. Wonderful work on the waterfall. I am anxious to see the finished product.

  6. So glad John had such a good Father's Day. The pergola and the pnd are both going to be beautiful. Don't work too hard!!

  7. A special Father's Day is always fun, so nice to be able to enjoy!

  8. Spending Father's Day with the kid is the present present of all. Jim really enjoyed being with Todd (even though he had to work). Jojo's yard is going to be such a gorgeous retreat you may never get her out of it.

  9. You guys are awesome. Happy Father's Day!

  10. This is my favorite post since you started blogging! Great photos and commentary! You did GOOD, NAN!!!!!!! And your waterfall and garden area are beautiful! You all have worked so hard while we were off playing in our motorhome!

  11. What a wonderful way to make memories with the both of you. What a special blessing that John could be there to spend Father's Day with his daughter.

    The pergola is looking lovely!

  12. Good to hear that John was able to spend Fathers Day with Jojo. This must have been the year for us "Dads"........I, too, spent the day with my oldest, which hadn't happened in years because we lived so far apart, but with me living only 40 minutes away much more time with the kids. Yea!
    Whats the old expression, "many hands make light the work", or something to that effect? Helping with the pergola and pond area will put you and John always "front and center" in mind when the garden is enjoyed. ;)


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