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January 11th, we moved from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) south east of Quartzsite to LaPosa South, south on highway 95. Sandie Dixon of Where are the Dixons Today  invited us to join members of Excapee’s RV Club that we going to meet there. When we arrived there were three families. But soon members more came.  This migration continued until the weekend of nineteenth signaling the opening of the “big tent,” the location of the Quartzsite RV And Travel Show. 
02 - CopyIMG_1026[2]

Denise of Sassie’s on da Road took the first photo a week before the opening of the “big tent”.  The size of this group more than doubled by the time the RV and Travel Show began on January nineteenth.  Two weeks later the area looks like my photo on the right.  That motorhome in the distance is our haven.  I have got to get a camera with more telephoto options! lol
John and I had the opportunity to meet and make many new friends while everyone was there.  Minnesota, Wyoming, Canada, Colorado, Alaska, Texas, and of course, Indiana was represented in our group.
In addition to shopping, we have been exploring.  One excursion was on Plomosa Road.  The further east we traveled he mountains changed in subtle ways. Color and texture changes were evident.  In that area there is an abundance of Cholla cacti.  Some are pretty to “LOOK” at.  Just do not get too up close and personal.  They love to attach themselves to your shoes and appendages.  Ouch!


Chola was just the beginning of our discoveries.  Just beyond this Chola and Saguaro was one of our destination.  We were drawn here by the change of texture and color of the rocks and mountains.  We carefully avoid our sticky friends, escape the Palo Verde tree and creosote bushes and reach the foot of this mountain with all it’s nooks and crannies.  Some look like caves, some like just holes in the rock.  Whatever they are, we have to explore!  They are calling us.  John was the first up to explore this one.  I follow to administer first aid, if needed. 

                                                         IMG_1032[1]                                                        IMG_1034[1]

 We move onto the next challenge.
                                                  IMG_1045[1]                                           IMG_1035[1]                          

This was it!  And do you see the rock at the top that kind of looks like a frog?  It was just hanging on to what looked like a thread!  And the blue dot in the cave like area on the right?  That was the opening to the top of this mountain.  What more could you ask for? 

We did it! 

He did it!  “Now,” he says…. “what’s next?”
And to think this man was on a respirator eleven months ago – fighting for his life.
Do you think I’m hamming it up a bit here?  Nah… not me!


Now to get off this thing!  Sometimes going up is easier than going down.  This was one of hose times….but we made it safe and sound.

We find a promise of Spring being just around the corner. Of course the temperature reached the seventies while we were there, but who is counting, right?
As we were walking to the car John accidentally dislodges a young Cholla from it’s “home”.  So he decides to replant it. But, this Cholla loves him sooo much that it decides to stick to him.  Well, not exactly.  Do you remember what I said about these prickly cacti?  Yep, it stuck to one hand, so he pulls it off with the other.  Guess what? It stuck there too.  The only place that does not stick is it’s root system. So I gather the courage to get one root and pull.  Off!  Now John pulls on another root, places that little pest into it’s pre-prepared new home and I kick the sand around it.  Voila!  Done!

                               IMG_1051[1]                                                                                             IMG_1052[2]

Off we go, again, to the car.  Ahh, what is this cute little critter?  Well, I have not been able to identify this lizard.  Hopefully one of you readers can help me with the name of this little guy/gal. 

Among the locals this site is a bit debated. Some believe it is genuine and others believe it was created by some of General Patton's men. General Patton did extensive tank training in this region (Camp Bouse was a training base for war in Africa). And you can still find tank tracks in the area which are over 60 years old!                                                                           
The photograph below was taken with a camera attached to a kite.  Neither my camera nor my kite.   

To understand the size of this geoglyph, look at the bottom of the photo.  There are two people standing next to a fencepost.  The hike from the pull-off  for this site was another third of a mile hike for John.  It was up hills and down and up etc. He never ceases to amaze me. 

On the way back to the car, I veered off the path to look at some volcanic rock.  What I found was a symbol of life in the Sonoran desert.  Tenacity is the word that comes to mind.  Life continues to go on in the harshest conditions.  In summer, the temperatures will reach one hundred twenty degrees.  We will not be here!

Speaking of tenacity, can you imagine traveling from New Jersey (Atlantic Ocean) to almost the Pacific Ocean in the 1800’s? Traveling from Indiana to southwest Arizona was quite a trip.  And we have the comfort of a motorhome!  

Thomas Quinn made that trip to mine in the area.  He constructed his home at this location.  In addition to the home, he built a cistern for water and passers by would stop to refill their water supply.The sign said that remains of the cistern were there, but we could not find them.  There was a long, dirt road that went up into the Black Mountains, but I didn’t want to take the Miata up there.  You can see the road below and to the right of the sign.

We have found the Bouse area to be very interesting.  So much attention is designated to Quartzsite, that we did not even know about Bouse until we stumbled across it traveling east on Plomosa Road. 
Twenty miles east of Bouse, in the remote Butler Valley, is Camp Bouse. The secret Army base built to train men with a "new" tank designed for night warfare. Camp Bouse memorial monuments are located on Hwy 72, across from the A & C Mercantile Co, in Bouse. The 2nd weekend of Feb every year there is a WWII Camp Bouse dedication and reunion on Saturday and tours to the original Camp Bouse on Sundays. 
Thirty miles east of Bouse is the famous Swansea Ghost Town, once a copper mining community, where buildings and remnants still exist.      

Previously we had planned to leave LaPosa South tomorrow.  Now, we have decided to stay until the first of the week to visit the WWII Camp Bouse events.  The tours to Camp Bouse is very high on our priority list but with low expectations.  At least we will be having a great history lesson.

Just to let you all know that John is well taken care of, here is the latest photo of one of our fur kids taking care of Dad as he does more research on his computer. Note he either hair wash or massage.  I have not yet decided which. 

Noah did ask me to tell you all bye for now.  It is time for mom to fix lunch….. finally!

God bless you all, travel safely out there.  It is windy today. 


  1. It is so wonderful to see John out there in the desert. God is Good indeed!

    I love the desert in the spring. It just comes alive with color.

    1. We are looking forward to our first desert in the spring. Can't wait to see the color. I just love it when I can see John exploring, stretching his limits.

  2. Replies
    1. It is! I cannot imagine having neighbors a few feet from both sides of our motorhome plus more in front and behind.

  3. Nan what a great post. I am so pleased you are both doing well. It is interesting to see the desert through your travels

  4. Thank you! We are also pleased. The desert and mountains offer something new each day.

  5. Great post lady. I know what a pain it was for you. I am so excited that John is able to do as much as he does. Just don't let him over do. Miss you guys. Have fun at the WWII camp events.

    1. Yes, it was a pain, but I learned so much. John amazes me. Yep, I'll keep him in line.... I think you saw that while you were here. Miss you too.

  6. great recap Nan..glad that the two of you are enjoying your time in Arizona!!

  7. John's a walking miracle and you are a woman of great strength!

    1. Yes he is! I would have never believed it eleven months ago. As to my strength, it comes only from God. I cannot do it myself.

  8. What a nice area to explore. Glad John is getting around so good, amazing after the year you have had!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

    1. It is a great area to explore. I do not think we will ever see all we want. You are right, it was a year of challenges.

  9. Good interesting stuff! I enjoyed reading all about it. I had no idea all of that was near there...maybe on the next trip to the "Q" we will get out to some of these places. We are thrilled to see John doing so much and feeling so well. And as to the "fur kid" photo....HILARIOUS!

    1. Thank you. I am happy that you enjoy the blog. Q is more than a place to shop the RV show and flea market.

    2. OH, I need the address or info how to order those led lights.

    3. John...I sent the info to Nancy (daughter) since she told me you wanted it.....if she hasn't forwarded it on to you yet I can get it again and send it directly to you. Let me know.

    4. John..I just decided to go ahead and forward this to you. I guess if Nancy has already sent it to you..oh well! This is where I buy the LED lights. This is the kind I need but he sells all different kinds. He has been reliable and has great service. The lights have lasted a year so far......we are happy with them. Be sure you order the "warm white" as the others have that nasty blue tint.

      If the link doesn't work then I will just need your email address and i can send the info there......

  10. It's a nice drive out to the Swansea Ghost Town & there are things to see when you get there. We boondocked in the Bouse area last year. Lots of old mines etc. Keep up the good work on your blog & tell John to keep up the good work on his hiking.........

  11. Don't keep things a secret....Tell us where to look! Did you boondock at the place where you could overlook the valley? What a wonderful view!


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