Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Time continues to march on and we continue to sit still. As time brings us closer to John’s MRI and biopsy, we continue to search for the “perfect” new-to-us motorhome. 

We waffle between gas and diesel, thirty five feet and forty +- feet, two slides, full wall slides and three slides. Then, there is Itasca, Winnebago, Tiffin, Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Newmar.

We travel from Indianapolis to Cincinnati, Indianapolis to Dayton, Indianapolis to Richmond, Indianapolis to Louisville…..all in search for our “perfect” home on wheels. 

Some days this is an enjoyable exercise. Other days we feel totally overwhelmed as we search online.

Oh yes, then our daughter in California found a Fleetwood for us….and it looks sooo good.  But we know nothing about Fleetwood.  

Today, we decided that we may travel to Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas to look at motorhomes. BUT then there is DiMartini R.V. in California. They seem to have some very good prices. Of course, we have learned that what looks good on the internet can be not so good in person.  

When Merikay was searching for the motorhome for Craig and Mk, I wondered what the fuss was! We sure have learned a few lessons from this experience.   You all can stop laughing…..right now!…………..Please.

So, here we sit in the “asphalt jungle (parking lot) of Camping World-Indianapolis. We watch the new motorhomes leave and look at the motorhomes the buyer leaves behind. We have yet to see what we want…you know, our “perfect” home on wheels.

I know, it would be much easier to choose a new motorhome. BUT, we also see the new ones come back in for “adjustments” to the things that have not worked correctly. Therefore, we have decided to let someone else take care of the problems of a new motorhome.

We really like the inventory and the prices of DiMartini. But! Let it be said…..we are open to any and all suggestions from you all.

I am sure that every one of you have learned from reading my blog that I do not like making a mistake. I want to research, research, research. I do not want to make a wrong decision. I desire perfection…..can you say OCD? 

AND from thinking this through today I remember the wonderful verse that many of you reminded me   when John was fighting for his life in March and April. As a matter of fact, we have a reminder here on our table… keep our minds/hearts in “line.”
Jeremiah 29:11 = “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD …. Plans to give you hope and a future

Thank you for stopping by…

God bless you as you come and go….


  1. I am definitely not going to give you any advise about motorhomes. We started out with a Roadtrek, went to a fifth wheel, then to a different fifth wheel, to a motorhome, and now back to a fifth wheel. So I wish you lots of luck in your search. Jim has more tests tomorrow on his leg. No blood clots which is good news but still not sure what is wrong. Praying for John.

  2. Since we are now on motorhome number four, I think I can say that there is no such thing as a perfect motorhome. You will always have to compromise on something. We have had tow used and two new ones. I agree about someone else doing all the glitch finding on a new one, but at least those are covered by the warranty. If you buy an expensive used one, then you will need a extended warranty and hope they will actually pay when you have any big problems.

  3. As Kathy pointed out to me it is impossible to find a perfect RV that will fit all your needs. We set a rating system from one to ten. The best we could do was an eight point five. with time and a little planning on Kathy's part and work on my part we still only have a unit that is nine point five. The only way to get a unit the way you want it (10)is having it built to your specifications and even then it wouldn't be perfect and be very costly. What you need is something close to what will satisfy you and learn to work with it. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Making that choice is really hard. We had several constraints. It had to be 35' to get in the driveway. It's 36' and we had to take out a tree. We wanted Diesel. More power. We wanted used but not real old, and finally we wanted to stay under 100K (out the door) with taxes , etc. We really like what we bought, so far. But we are not full timing. We have the quandary of making improvements considering we might want to go bigger once we are full time! I like it just this size, but would also like to have solar. I do not care that it doesn't have a washer. But it does have the double fridge which is a must!

    I guess you just have to do your homework and then eventually you will go with your heart. For us it was very quick, but luckily it worked out.

    If you buy in California, make sure you work out the sales taxes. If you buy in CA, but take delivery in Nevada I think you can get out of the 8%+ tax. Make that a necessity. You do not have a California residence. You will have to pay the South Dakota registration , etc. Look into it.

  5. I also heard a good "rule of thumb" is to estimate $1000 per year old to be spent on fixing things in the first year. So if it is 5 years old, estimate $5000 for fixes, not maintenance in your purchase budget. But be sure you have good tires! They can eat that much all at once.

  6. This is really really a personal choice. I know when we were looking for our motor home Paul did TONS of research. He did find out that the Tiffin and Newmar are the best for full timing. I know our Phaeton, Tiffin, was great to us. TONS of storage areas, basement was heated (be sure to look for this even if you aren't going to Alaska, just about ever place gets cold some time during the year), diesel was the only way he would go, etc.
    I am not sure I really agree with Merikay. Our MH is a 2005 and we didn't put any money in it our first I am talking about repairs no upgrades that we did on our own. I agree with Merikay about the tires. Very, very important!

  7. maybe you could purchase Paul and Marsha's?.. :) looks like a mighty fine rig!..but is it for sale?

  8. In the fall of 2009, we bought a Fleetwood Bounder 35E from DiMartini in Grass Valley, CA. We are very happy with the size of the motorhome. We don't full-time, but we spend up to three months at a time in the rig. We love the floorplan of the 35E. This is our third Fleetwood and our second Bounder. We are fans of Fleetwood, especially the Bounder. DiMartini is a superb outfit and they have parking spots with full hookups where you can stay after you buy a rig or if you are getting service. They do a great job with service as well as sales. DiMartini has a very good reputation and was the only dealer in that area that has weathered the recession. We traveled from Vancouver, WA, to buy our rig at DiMartini and also to get warranty service. The dealers in our area all went bust. Let me know I can give you any more information.


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