Monday, June 4, 2012


Well, that elephant had better look for another place to live............ as of Saturday morning WE HAVE ACCEPTED AN OFFER!!!!!  The house is not officially sold, but the paperwork is in progress!  We unofficially consider it sold.  

The buyer is the one that shot us such a low ball.  They finally threw in the towel, made us another offer and it was within five thousand of what we we accepted their offer.  

A year ago, we had said we would be very happy if we could get what they offered, but this year we set our sights 5K higher.   Silly me / us..... 

It took two months and two days from listing to accepting their offer.  Who said this is a bad time to sell a house?  Karen in the Woods sold her house in about a week less time than we sold ours.  Answered prayer all around.  Why am I always astounded when things like this happens?  God is faithful, what else can I say?

Last week was full of physical therapy and doctor visits.   He is walking on the treadmill and learning how to breathe.

Are we having fun yet? 

He works on strength in his legs.  Pretty soon he is going to be able to leap tall buildings!

John with his "coaches"
I even worked out on the machine next to him.  I need the exercise too.  Sitting, reading a book while he is working out just does not seem right, does it?  
It's mandatory and in the rule book 

Don't tell anyone, but that recumbent bike is not fun.  Next time I am going to get on the regular bike.  I'm just too short for the recumbent.  I have not done these machines since my knee replacements and it really felt good to be at it again.  

 It seems that John is right on the line between diabetes and not.  His physician is sending him/us to meet with a dietitian and a nurse for "training."  I look at this as a perfect opportunity to re-learn how to shop, cook and eat the healthful way.  

I need to loose weight.  I have lost twenty-five pounds by using Zija and as a result of John's struggles.  I still need to get rid of more pounds.  

John's weight loss while he was in intensive care and at the long (short for him) term adult rehab hospital brought his weight down to where it should be.  But his doctor said if they did a body mass test, he would have too much fat and not enough muscle.  Guess where the fat is? So he needs to loose his middle and gain muscle.  I probably could do some of the same, but shave the weight also.  

Friday was vet day for our cat Noah.  When John came home from the rehab hospital, he and his buddy, Noah reunited and John mentioned that Noah had mats behind his ears.  

We were so busy running to doctor appointments and physical therapy that I gave Noah's mats no thought until last Thursday.  I called the vet and asked if she could take a look at them since I was unable to cut the mats out without cutting flesh.  

Friday, we went to Hillview Veterinary Clinic.  Noah has been a patient from the day Hillview opened and feels that he has the run of the clinic and hospital since he would stay there when John and I were at llama shows. 

This time Noah knew there was a big problem and decided to take up residence under John's chair.  Finally, he came out and let vet Jennifer look at his "bumps" behind his ears. 

 Jennifer began to remove the mats, but then the skin came off too.  It was not a pretty sight.  But soon Noah was "fixed up"  and sported a new neck band that remained around his neck until yesterday.  Today, he is looking as handsome as any twelve year old cat.  

Today, Oliver and Olivia went to the spa.  They were so neglected while John was sick.  Olivia got a drastic hair cut.  Oliver lost some hair, but not much.  He is much easier to comb out and does not mat like Olivia.  

I think that is the last of the problems that resulted from John's "adventure."  

And this is the last paragraph of a too long blog.  

Thanks for stopping in to read my ramblings.  God bless you and your travels or activities.  


  1. CONGRATS -- I know how it feels to finally sell the house! I have to ask -- what is Zija? We were working on eating healthier and losing weight before we started our workamping experience. Alan has lost 15 lbs, me, a measly 6. Alan is diabetic and is hoping to get off meds. God bless you and John as you begin a new adventure as fulltimers!

  2. What a wonderful up lifting post. CONGRATULATIONS on the house sale. Praying all goes well for closing.

    Great news about John. God is ALWAYS faithful!

    Noah is a doll! And I love the header photo. Too cute!

  3. Wonderful news about the house. Now don't let John over do getting things out of it. Storage is not a bod thing. You can deal with extra stuff at a slower pace.

  4. That's great news about your house, Nan! You are so right, God is good! I like your C.S. Lewis quote, too.

  5. Congratulations. That is such exciting news. Almost as exciting as seeing John working out and looking so good. Life is slowly getting back to a good routine and that is a good thing.

  6. Wow!! Congratulations!! I hope our house will sell that quickly! :)

  7. Hearty congratulations on all counts!!!! Finally......good news on health and moving towards RVing full-time. ;)

  8. Congratulations on the house! Things have certainly taken a turn for the better.

  9. Congrats on the house offer. Now I feel like I should hit the gym:)

  10. Whoo Hoo! Nan, I'm so glad the dust is finally settling in your life. Congratulations on John's progress and the sale of your house. What an adorable puppy and kitten--I know there's another that I'm not seeing, but bet he/she is just as cute.

    I bought a recumbent bike to try to keep my legs/knees limber while dealing with my back. You can adjust the seat forward and backward, you know.

  11. Woohoo about the offer on your house! :)

    Good luck with the weight loss; it's so hard to shed the weight. But you'll feel so much better.

    Noah is a very pretty cat!

  12. I know exactly how you feel! LOL

    Keeping fingers crossed for both of us to have easy closings with no glitches! I ran today to get our well water testing bottle to send off to a lab, and then tomorrow the septic testing guy is coming at 7am.

    Just two more steps on the way to a good closing!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  13. Oh, also wanted to say.. .a great way to remove matts on a cat like that is to use a letter opener! Yah know those little square kind that businesses give away for free with advertizing on them? they have a pokey spike and a tiny razor blade at an angle. slip the pokey thing in between the matt and the skin... and it cuts the matt right away with no damage to the skin! I used one on my dad's severly matted cat and after a few swipes, the cat realized it was getting to feel GOOD on his skin to get rid of the matts... I would rub each area well after swiping away the matt and he was purring and sooo happy! I think it relieved any of the pinching of hairs that were from under the matted area.

    oh p.s. septic inspection went great today and passed with flying colors! (what the colors are in a septic tank, we don't want to know!)

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  14. CONGRATULATIONS on the sale. That is good news indeed. So glad John continues to make good progress. You'll be off on your adventure before you know it.

  15. A sold house and improved bodies! What could be better. Congrats.


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