Sunday, March 11, 2012


I was amazed when I saw when I last posted.  What happened?  Did I space-out a total week?  Where did the time go?    
I thought I had posted just a couple of days ago.  

No, my last post was a week ago!  

I think we have been very busy, busy, busy.  And it shows around here.  

Last week, we ticked off job after task after task.  Just a small amount of work is left for completion this week.  Little things, like polishing the counter tops, hanging a few paintings, moving a couple pieces of furniture, washing windows, and staging the house for "show and sell."  

If all goes the way we have planned, one week from tomorrow, the house will be listed with Century 21, Scheetz in Greenwood, Indiana.  Dan Nichols will be our agent.  

This past week was a good week.  We sold the truck.  I sold my weaving loom.  We sold quilting fabric!  John sold wood turning tools.  Whew, that sure helps to remove things from our to-do list.  

amish5.gifA lot of quilting fabric remains.  And this makes my studio a bit messy.   I am trying to decide if I just want to donate the fabric to a quilting guild in the area or continue to sell it.  Hummmm, a conundrum it is.  

legare1-e.jpg (71711 bytes)Matchless Spinning WheelIt is time to move some things into the motorhome.  My Schact Matchless spinning wheel,  the CSM or Circular Sock Machine are waiting to go to their new motorhome home.  

John's Tie Flying materials and equipment will not take up ten percent of what my two occupy. How much space can fishing hooks, feathers, wire, thread, foam and dubbing materials and fur take up?   But to make up for the discrepancy, we are going to buy US a new weaving loom.  It will be a loom that will fit into the motorhome and not occupy a vast amount of space. 

With the weather turning warmer each day, and the daffodils blooming and the grass and weeds beginning to grow, we will be obligated to remain home and care for the farm until we have a sale.  

  A Gardner Clipping a Green Hedge I think I have John convinced to apply landscape fabric to all flower beds then cover with mulch.  There is no way we can weed all the flowerbeds that he has created in the last few years.  

If we can limit ourselves to a minimal amount of weeding and take care of the mowing of pastures etc., we should be able to get away from here for a few days at a time.  That must suffice for the time being.  

In two weeks, I do have a Crank In (where people with circular sock machines come to crank together, learn new techniques, and just have fun. We will take the motorhome, I will be cranky and John will be in knots (tying flies).  We are so looking forward to getting away from here for the first time since the first of November.  

I believe this brings you up to date.  The Mocking Bird is singing his heart out, the Doves have returned and are cooing, the Wrens are flitting around the birdhouses.  Now we are waiting to hear the frogs croaking in the pond.

Until then,  God bless you all....


  1. What a Blessed week you two had! YEA for you!
    My two cents...give the material to the quilting guild. Saves you the headache of answering the phone or emails AND you will make a group of people very happy...which in turn will make you very happy. Hope this next week is a successful as the last. Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. You have definitely accomplished a whole lot of stuff. And hopefully it sells quickly so you don't have to do all that mowing for too long.

  3. Wow, great work!! It does sound like you are almost to that finish line! YAY!! We have almost finished with the inside stuff. Now that the weather is improving, we are preparing to start doing the outside. Six months left to go!! :))

  4. LOL! You're funny, Nan. How about a yard sale for the rest of the stuff. :) That's a bit of work but could be fun.

  5. "I will be cranky, and John will be in knots..." Ha ha!

    Hope the farm sells quickly!

  6. My best wishes are with you for a quick sale! We are plodding along. What can I ay, Craig doesn't get started until late in the morning each day, and all I'm doing is sitting and waiting. No sense in doing anymore of my jobs. I look at all the painting I did do and see scuffs here and there. It is no longer fresh.


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