Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Discouragement & Who do You Trust?

We are to leave for The Fiber Event this Thursday morning.  The motorhome repairs on the toilet leak that ruined carpeting in bathroom and bedroom, the brakes, door and generator were supposed to be completed "in 2 or 3 days".  The motorhome has been in Edmundson's RV for 14 days and counting.  They say they will call with prices "that afternoon" or "tomorrow" and it ends up that I have to call to get estimates. 

Today, we learned that 1. since they have not called us with the estimates, the parts have not been ordered. 2.  they are not standing behind all the repairs for the damages caused by the improper installation of the toilet after the first repair (they don't want to pay for new flooring to cover the damaged areas) and 3.  This comes to another grand total of around $4000.00.  The only thing they say they will do for us is to give us a "military discount".  Big whoop. 

We took the motorhome to them for repairs due to the fact that we were totally impressed with them and their service department when we were shopping for our motorhome.  Mind you,  we just paid the $6000 in January to fix the toilet for the first time, the brakes, new door handle/lock and other things that seemed to come up that they found. 

Now, in all fairness, the motorhome was a super ride out to California and back.  We did not have to stop for one repair (did have an oil change at the 3000 mile interval).  Reading other blogs and finding that many people have to find a RV service, we felt very pleased and satisfied that we did not have a problem like that. (Other than we did discover on our trip out there that the toilet was not working properly).  I called them from California and told them and the answer was, don't worry, we will take care of you. 

So, tomorrow we are going to have a "sit down and discuss this situation" with the powers that be.  If we need to bring Mr. Edmundson into the discussion, we will.  We don't feel that we are being unreasonable asking them to replace the flooring that was damaged. 

As a result of this damage, we will also have to replace the flooring in the front of the coach, but are not asking for that to be included in their repairs.  We are trying to be as fair as we know how.... is there any input out there?  We would love to hear from you if you think we are being unreasonable, then help us see the light. 

On to more pleasant things...The Fiber Event is Friday and Saturday.  (of course, all booth set up and merchandise will have to be transported in our truck rather than in motorhome).  We are looking forward to meeting up with more vendors that we have not seen since last fall.  We started our reunions in Tennessee and Ohio and will see more this week end.

If you are in the area of Greencastle, Indiana this week end, come visit.  You will find some mighty awesome vendors, yarns, fiber and equipment there.   Till then.....God Bless

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