Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hard, but Fun Work!

Laying over 1100 ft of cherry hardwood is mighty hard work. I select the wood according to shade, grain, length etc. Some people call me "picky" .... can't imagine why! After the selection process, I lay in place and John follows behind with the heavy nailer and nails the wood. He also does all measuring and cutting. Do you know how many times you say thanks and you are welcome in a day of work? The more we work, the more we look forward to getting in the "Road House" and heading to warmer weather. We are having a sunny day of 27 degrees.....and this is only December!

Sad thing is that I've not been in my fiber studio for over a week! Withdraw hurts! Still getting vendor contracts for Hoosier Hills Fiberarts Festival. It won't be long until I have to return contracts and put people on the waiting list.

Christmas is only a week and a day away. I'm about ready. Shopping is done...99% was done on-line this year. Thanks Holly and Chad for the suggestion. It is so fun to have young grandkids to buy for! Lucy - 5 1/2 and Ross 2 bring joy to the times.

We are new to Motor Home life and have totally fallen in love with the lifestyle. The only problem is our lack of experience. I have read that some RVrs drive their motor homes once a month (when they are not out on the road). Is this a common practice or something that just a few people do? Ours has been parked just under a month. If necessary, we will get in and take it for a ride. BUT sure don't look forward to driving on our icy, snow packed roads.

Time to get back to work....gotta get this done for family Christmas celebration, ya know....anyone wanna come help?????

For now....N

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