Monday, May 21, 2012


It seems we are getting to the tough meat and this old pachyderm is one tough fellow to chew.  The beginning of the "meal" was tough and chewy.  The middle was so tender and the chewing went faster.  Now we are getting back into the tough regions, but we know this is the beginning of the end of our Elephant Diet.

I am sorry that I have not blogged sooner.  Since John left Kindred Long Term Acute Care Hospital, we have had days and days of follow up appointments with physicians and more physicians.  

Then there is the physical therapy three days a week the first week and now two days a week.  It seems we cannot make three days a week work with all the other appointments.

John is not cleared to drive, so I'm is personal taxi.  I wish I could find a taxi drivers or a chauffeur's hat.  I guess he will just have to do with me the way I am.  

As it stands, the Internal Medicine physician wants John back June 1. Dr. Shea, the cardiologist, the first of July.  The pulmonologist,  Dr. Lykens will see him in September, hopefully to release us to the road.  

After our visit to the pulmonologist , we took the people mover from Indiana University Hospital to Methodist Hospital to visit the Intensive Care Unit, John's home for five weeks. 

John wanted to thank the nursing staff for their care.  He made their day!  It was the least we could do.  

Coleman Road Trip Classic Grill - BlueFriday, we were off to Camping World's Sale.  We came home with a Coleman Gas Grill.  John assembled it and hopefully, we will use it tomorrow evening.  The grill will sit on either a table or it's stand.

BrokerInfoWidget:executeExtensionFunction('EscapeLessThan',OBCard/OfficeName)Daniel Nichols                     On the home front, we have had between ten and fifteen couples look at the house.  We have an offer as of tonight.  Dan Nichols of Century 21, Scheetz Realty said it is an insult, but we should respond with our counter offer. 

We have dropped the price of the house once.  We will counter tonight's offer at two thousand under our new asking price.  We do not have to move, we can be patient since there is no way we can leave here before the end of September.  

Time is on our side.  The housing market has opened wide in the last two or three weeks.  There is no problem with living in our motorhome in our drive.  As we live here in Walter the Winnebago, we are refining our full time possessions list. We add something and take away another keeping weight in mind.  This is a good thing!

Judy, of Travels With Emma identified the fungus as Dead Man's Finger.  She is so stinks, really S.T.I.N.K.S! Robin, a friend, fellow fiber artist and a Indiana resident, said that they are called Stink Horns here in Indiana.  

Robin's blog is really cool!  She has a PHD in linguistics.  She and her husband Eric have made the choice to live off the land.  They home school two of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met. The families gardening skills astound me.  Robin is a spinner of yarn, she dyes, she weaves!  Robin is Wonder Woman in my eyes.  

This years they have become bee keepers!  Her blog is a fun, educational read.  Some of these days, they just might become RVers and travel.  

My goodness, I tonight's blog has wandered all over the place.  That is what happens when I have not blogged in almost two weeks.

I have much to share with you, but will save it for the next post.  

Please be safe out there and remember those Blogger friends who are finding themselves in trying physical, medical and emotional situations.  Your prayers have helped John and I.  Please remember those in need.

Love you all!  God bless! 


  1. Especially to John be careful with the coming heat that summer will be bring your way. I just spent two days recovering from lower temps then what I used to work in. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We have that same grill. Works great.

    Glad you are being patient with the house. The same thing happened to us. People tried to low ball us every day but our realtor wouldn't hear of it. We would counter offer with such a ridiculous offer...they got the point.

  3. Happy to hear from you -- I was wondering but didn't want to pry. Sounds like things are moving along and John is continuing to improve. I'm behind on my blogging as well -- slow internet service. Thanks for keeping us informed -- God bless!

  4. Glad to hear things are going along without huge bumps. Chew away, you will see the end in no time!

  5. glad to hear that the recovery process is moving right along! day at a time one appointment at a time!!..have a great week!..hope you get what you want for the house and if not..someone else will come along!

  6. Might as well enjoy some quiet time at your house and wait for the right offer. I'm still rearranging things in my RV, so maybe you'll have it all figured out by the time you get on the road.

  7. Jim is back to driving again and I am so grateful for that. If we had a car it would be so different, but with the truck I just hate it cause I can't park it. We are slowly coming to the end of our doctor appointments for now. Sometimes going to the all the appointments is almost as hard as being in the hospital. Maybe harder because of all the work involved to get there and get home again, only to do it all over again the next day. But both our guys are getting better and we know that the Lord is taking care of us.

  8. Good to hear from you! that header shot is eloquent!

  9. At least you are getting some activity on your house - that's encouraging.

    You must be tired with all the doctor's appointments but it is so nice to hear that John continues to make progress. God Bless.

  10. Congrats on the offer! Anxious to see if they were serious about buying or just "testing the waters" ... when I was a realtor, I really tried hard to avoid those low-ballers and explained that if they really wanted cooperation on things being fixed or part of negotiations, that starting out with an insult is NOT the way to have a win/win sale experience.

    Some people think it's a game, and others take it so close to the heart and are emotional. Someone usually gets hurt feelings then.

    Keeping fingers crossed that it will all be a smooth sailing process from here on in.

    We have someone coming Thursday night for a second look at ours, and he requested that "your husband be present so I can ask him a lot of questions" heh heh heh... he don't realize that I am the Realtor in the family, and also I helped build just as many nails, boards and tiles as Steve did in this house. Tee heeeeeee
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. Glad to hear that things are moving to the positive for John. How many times have we heard the phrase "Patience is a virtue"? You're both strong individuals and have come/gone through a lot lately, giving "real world meaning" to the saying. You're both inspirations for the rest of us......

  12. Robin is definitely an amazing lady with an equally amazing family!

    Cute photo of John eating the elephant, by the way. ;)

    I hope you'll soon be getting an offer that is closer to the price you want. Keep up the recuperating work, John; we're all rooting for you!


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