Friday, May 25, 2012


#12457 Elephant On A Beach Towel Holding Umbrella Clipart by DJArtJohn has been eating away at that elephant until yesterday when the heat and humidity hit.  It took all our energy and I noticed his breathing was more difficult.  

The temperature "only" went to eighty-eight today, but the humidity took its toll on both of us, especially John.  I decided that we had to move back into the house.  

After making numerous trips with out "stuff" and leaving more of the same in the motorhome, I announced that I am not going to keep moving us back and forth as the temperature and humidity rises and falls.  I think John is really disappointed, but I just can not keep moving all our stuff.  There is no need to be air conditioning two places just for the fun of living in the motorhome.  There will be plenty of motorhome living when the house sells and we begin our life of full timing.  

The "buyers/lookers"  countered our counter with another low ball offer.  They came up fifteen thousand, but were still twenty-five thousand short of our counter.  We countered again and they threw in the towel.  They did not have the money and wanted to try to get something they could not afford.  I hope they find something that will make them happy.  

In the meantime, I will be able to enjoy my new kitchen and all the hard work we did over the five months we worked on the house.  I do not call it our home.  Our home is out in the drive waiting for the call of the road!
We even had someone come and give it a bath and a shine.  

As you can tell, there is not much to report here.  Just want to keep our friends and family advised of our progress or the lack thereof.  

God bless you all, enjoy the holiday weekend and be safe out there.  


  1. Nan, I think that is a wise decision to just stay in the house for the time being. I can't imagine lugging stuff back and forth, especially in such heat and humidity. The right buyers will come along - just hang onto that.

  2. It's funny, I keep reading about people sleeping in their driveways when they have a house. I never slept in my driveway, I would go sit out there to rearrange things and plan things, but I always slept in the house. I lived in a suburb of Chicago, but very close to Chicago, I guess I just did not feel safe sleeping in the RV in the driveway and did not have a 30amp hookup, so I would not be able to run A/C even if I wanted to. When I moved out 2 days before the closing day of the sale, I had my sister go over the next morning and throw my bed out in the trash and take the few things that were left in the house.

  3. It will sell when you least expect it:) It will happen!

  4. Glad they final saw the light and broke loose. We hated wasting time with people that weren't serious about buying our house.

    Relax and enjoy the house. Hope it helps John with his breathing.

  5. This heat can be tough on us all, that's for sure!

  6. To bad about the couple who made the offer. I hear the real estate market is picking up. Hopefully you will get a better offer soon. If not, perhaps it will give John needs more time to heal.

    five months? I figure by the time we are done it will be five years. I've been working for at least three already, and I can see another year of work for Craig before ours is ready for sale.

  7. We don't have air conditioning in our house so we are happily enjoying it in our new place. :) This is the first summer that we aren't going to have to pay any attention to the heat and humidity forecast (other than to decide whether we need to turn the air on). :)

  8. Sounds like a wise decision to move back into the house for a while. Hope it sells soon.

  9. You two sound so ready to be on the road. Here's to a bit longer in the stick house to further ready yourselves.

  10. I agree with Donna that it's wise to move back into the house for now. It'll stay hot for close to another week and we want John to be comfortable and continue healing.

    That's really a shame that you had to go back on forth so much for the people who really weren't serious about buying, But there will be a perfect buyer(s) for your home - someone who will love it as much as you have loved it. :)

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your family!


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