Sunday, May 27, 2012


We spend just one night in the house and I have to hold John down! 

First, he says he wants to have breakfast in the motorhome:-0  I veto.  

Next, he slips outdoors and removes a battery from our front loader:-(  

Then he wants to go get the new battery.  Okay, he can ride in the air conditioning.  We go, but I need to stop at the store on the way home........He wants to go shopping!  :-(  Nope babe, you need to sit in the car with the air conditioning.  (really helps the gas mileage and the ozone layer)

Now, what is a person to do?  Be thankful! That's what.  And I am.  I was thankful when I heard him on our exercise bike.  I was thankful as he put the groceries away.  I was thankful as he emptied the dishwasher.  All of his activities are increasing his strength and easing my work load.  

I AM thankful that we moved back into the house.  John has more energy to move about, not just to sit and read in the heat.  

Indianapolismotorspeedway2011.pngToday is the Indianapolis 500.  People are crazy on the roads here in May!  Many get the "spirit" of the 500 and speed from light to light.  The cars are gunned so they will go vroom, vroom!  

Ims aerial.jpgWe had planned to find a place in southern Indiana to stay for a few days.  We wanted to go far enough away that we could watch the race on our television, but with this heat, we would be stuck inside the rest of the the time.  Thank you very much, but no thank you! 

Raccoon Removal of Minneapolis and St. PaulWe are being plagued with raccoons!  We have at least one family in our big barn.  When I walk in there, it a cacophony of chatter up in the rafters.    

Then there is the smaller barn that is closer to the house.  I also hear a raccoon in there when I take Oliver and Olivia for their morning walk.  They make such a mess!  

Last winter, when John was not feeling up to par, he sat the live animal trap in the drive and I, not knowing drove over it.  Now, we have no trap and to be honest, I do not want to have to deal with traps and with dealing with disposal of the animal.  But I don't want the raccoons around either.  Maybe I can find a trapper?  

Raccoons take up residence at the White HouseRaccoons are nocturnal, typically sleeping during the day and becoming active at night. This prevents many people from witnessing raccoons’ disruptive behaviors. These animals can knock over garbage cans, tear up your lawn, nest in your chimney, attics, or under your deck, and also ruin gardens. Raccoons can become a huge nuisance very quickly. Also the feces may carry parasites that can be transferred to humans and pets, sanitation is a must!

Moving right along, guess where John is as I write this?  He is outside installing the new battery!  What is a caretaker to do!!!!  At least it is cooler right now.  It is seventy-eight degrees heading to ninety-five.  Humidity is seventy-two!  Calgon, TAKE ME AWAY!

Thanks so much for stopping in.  God's blessings to you today!  


  1. It is such a miracle but even miracles can be overdone. Not sure how you stop them though. I'm glad you're in the air conditioning cause I think that will help his lungs. These men of ours don't make it easy for us.

  2. Yes, you have a double edge sword as far as John is concerned. Sooooo happy he is feeling much better BUT he can't over do it especially in that hot weather.

    Racoons are destructive for sure. That is a nasty picture you got of the one...yuck.

  3. My friend had a raccoon get into the house once. I have never seen such a big mess!

  4. Is there a government agency you can call to set traps? We had to call someone when we had them in our suburban area, I even had one in the rafters in my office building, it came in through an opening where the landlord did not replace a missing "can light" under the overhand of the roof.

  5. I certainly admire John for his tenacity but please tell him that we all want him to take it easy and rest so he can recuperate fully faster!

    I hope you find a neighbor who can help you trap your raccoons. They are awful critters. One kept pooping by our front door. Grrr.

    At least the weather is cooling off now, so it won't feel as miserable. :)

    1. I don't think they are awful. I think they are rather cute.

  6. I hope you can find a way to relocate the raccoon's humanely. They are animals just trying to live, raise their families, and survive just like the rest of us. Can you get another live animal trap?

  7. so happy to see John is gaining strength and doing well....we sure all have a lot to be thankful for!!! Take care...good luck trying to keep him down...


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