Thursday, March 22, 2012


Preview ImageOh my!  What a day!  Actually, what a week this has been.  First, John caught a cold.  A cold for him is dangerous.  With his emphysema, it can be disastrous unless he immediately starts on an antibiotic and steroids.  Oh how fun it is.  

Then, there is the continuing work cleaning (not so much) and staging the house in order for it to be listed on the real estate market. 
Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Cleaning Woman

Today, I have hung one print two times....and am overjoyed to report that it is still too high.   It is not all bad though.  I did get it centered in the area.  I have one of my oil paintings and our Howard Miller wall clock to hang in the family room.  Then I move out my spinning wheel (maybe) and my antique circular sock machine (probably) to the motorhome.   

Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Big Leaf Falling on a Man Raking the LawnIn addition to the oh so fulfilling indoor work, I moved outdoors the the overly exciting tree line clearing.  How can one say exciting?  Marvelous.  Oh, so life fulfilling....not.  Tiring?  Yes.  

I'm getting too old for ripping out dead branches, raking  fallen twigs, getting stuck in wild rose bushes and smelling of smoke like a hot dog at a wiener roast.  And why is it that all the clip art that I can find is of MEN doing all the work????  

I even had to uncork the wine tonight while John was taking a nap!  Now, that was kinda okay.  

I am really working hard to keep us on track to list our house next week.  My goal was Tuesday, but now I will settle for Friday.  

Heck the ten yards of mulch doesn't even come till Monday morning.  Anyone want to come help spread mulch?  At least the week barriers are down. 

And now, for a more peaceful, relaxing part of the blog, I will share some photos of our place.  

One nice thing about working outdoors is the flowers and the blooming trees.  

This Red Bud was actually a volunteer!  John was going to rip it out and I said "no way."  It leans a bit, mainly due to living out in the open and getting our winds from the southwest.  

To the left of the Red Bud is a huge Bartlett Pear.  A few years ago during an early summer storm a huge branch fell from the center and almost joined me in the family room.  

The mulch path you see between the two trees will take you to the larger of the two barns where the Llamas and Alpaca lived.  The smaller green barn to the far right of the photo was the emergency home for the llamas when the ice would freeze "out back".  

Here is a close up of the blossoms on the Bartlett Pear.  I really do not enjoy the fragrance of these blossoms.  But the tree is totally awesome when it is in full bloom.  

The sad part is that the blossoms do not last long and the waxy, brilliant green leaves take over. 

Last year when we came home from our travels in the southwest, the trees were in late bloom, the blossoms were falling creating what looked like a snow storm.  The leaves were quickly growing and out came the green. 

There was so much bright green around!  The grass! the trees!  The pale blue skies!  Oh my so much green.  I was ready to jump back into the motorhome and head back to the desert!  I love the desert and the mountains with the bluest skies that words cannot describe. 

Okay, one more picture.  This is of our Queen Anne cherry tree.  She is slowly dieing.  Only half of her lives this spring.  It is going to be a battle to keep John from cutting down the entire tree. 

 I vote for giving her a chance.  She is old.  But her fruit is out of this world.  (if the birds don't get to them first.)

These clusters of blossoms are beautiful and are the promise of luscious fruit.

One thing I loved about this place when we purchased it was the orchard.  There are apple, cherry, pear trees.  There were peach trees, but they died of old age.  

Humph,  There is a season to everything, isn't there.  

Have a great day.  Thanks for stopping by.  And may God bless you and protect you as many of you travel to your summer homes.  



  1. Love redbud trees. Enjoyed my neighbors every year. A redbud that size at a nursery in IL would cost over $300.00

    1. And we have 4! I love them also. Two are right outside my bedroom it.

  2. The yard looks lovely. I can smell the blossoms from here. I can sympathize with you and the 10 yards of mulch. We used to get 15 each year...oh my back.
    Hanging pictures is a two-man job! Even if it is centered and as low as you think it should be, it still looks wrong. Don't worry about it...just move on. Believe me, the house sale won't be decided on a "too high" picture!
    Hope John is feeling better today. I understand why you have to be so cautious with him.
    Wishing you the best and praying for a speedy sale! ~wheresweaver

  3. Just trim off the dead branches only because those trees just might be the attraction to the new owners.

    It's about time.

  4. The cherry blossoms make for a gorgeous new header! Our cherry trees keep dying (probably being close to the walnut trees which exude a toxin from their roots).

    I hope all goes well with the plan for listing your house next week and that John will be feeling much better very soon!


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