Saturday, March 17, 2012


One would think that we just love working on the house more than getting it on the market!  Really, I guarantee you, that it not the case, but it sure looked like it yesterday and Thursday.  

I have not been happy with the baseboard  in the front and dining rooms.  We had continued the color from the family room throughout, but it just jumped out at me and screamed "I'M HEERE!"  That  is not the function of baseboard.  It is supposed to be quiet and just lie there not drawing attention to itself.  

I have spent twos days taping the walls and hardwood floor, repainting the baseboard the color green color of the columns and then repainting them due to the white showing through the first coat.  

note: white baseboard next between door and hall!  Yuck!
I asked John if we were having fun yet and he said that it is mandatory because it is in the "handbook".  I forgot to read that nasty handbook.
Because of the arthritis, when I get on the floor, I plan to remain there until the project is finished.  To move about, I either push myself with my arms or I do a little walk on my tush.  Both types of motion have created 1.  a blister on my elbow,  2.  very sore glutes, and 3. a screeching back.  

Olivia is waiting for her brushing...see the baseboard?
Here you see how the baseboard does not scream at you!  It just blends in, as it should.  

And look at the dining room fixture!  They say that brass fixtures are no longer "in style.  We found a product at Menard's that was made by Rust-oleum.  It is a universal spray, metallic paint and primer in one.  We used the Oil Rubbed Bronze color.  Now the entry, the hall and dining room fixtures are "up to date / in style for the cost of one can.  

I am not the only one that is re-doing.  Poor John.  A few years ago he converted our garage into my art studio and is not reconverting in back into a garage!  That is one huge task.  He is removing walls that he built and putting a wall where he once had his workbench to box in the furnace/utility room that he built.  
Can you say "stuff?"
Here you see the walls that were removed and will be re-purposed. Then you see all the quilting materials and books that are going to be donated to guilds that do charity quilting.  
What a job! Tomorrow, I am to pack all quilting "stuff" to be picked up by guild members. Each of the plastic boxes contain the fabric for one quilt!  Each box is labeled and many times has the design that John's mom had planned to create.  If she had lived to be a hundred and ten, she would have never used all that is in the photo.

Well, I'm off to work!  Eagerly looking forward to tomorrow and a day of rest and worship. 

God bless you all! 



  1. Glad you're going to have a day of rest to let your poor body recover. The baseboard does look a whole lot better.

  2. Wow, I know so well that baseboard painting "stay on the floor till it's done" thing. Your house looks great. We did that same thing to the mobile in California, painted the brass fixture with brushed nickel. Looked great, as does yours. Good luck and enjoy your day off!

  3. Painting the baseboard was a great idea. It does look much better. I DO NOT envy either of you. That is a huge undertaking. Glad you decided to donate your quilting materials and books. They will Bless someone down the road. Keep up the great work. ~wheresweaver

  4. I love your house! I'll bet you won't have any trouble selling it when you're ready.

    Quilters always have WAY too much stuff in their stash. I sold all my quilting stuff in my estate sale. Lots of material, batting, and tools including two sewing machines with special stitches. I had such plans for when I retired, all the things I'd quilt for gifts, but in an RV it would have been too hard.

  5. Everything is looking better and better! What a great idea to donate to guilds that quilt for charity; I have plans to knit some hats for preemies with some yarn I inherited from my mom when she died. Now to just find the time to do it.

  6. I can see how much work is involved in getting a house ready to sell. Scary!!! We will not be full timing because I'm way too old to prepare my house. Besides, it's nice to come back to from time to time and we also find that after about three months in the motorhome with the three dogs and each other, we tend to get on each other's nerves. It helps considerably when I can find another woman to go shopping with Helen for the day.


    1. Whatcha mean find another woman to go shopping with Helen for the day???????
      I'm on the look-out to find men to go fishing or rock hounding with John so I can do whatever I want! lol..... One nice thing about the motorhome is that we do not have to be inside all the time. Either of us can sit under the awning and chill or do whatever we choose.

      I'll tell you ALL one thing. Do things around the house when you think of it. Do not put it off, as we did....then the work becomes burdensome.


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