Monday, February 7, 2011

Oklahoma City to Amarillo

It is great to see new sights. I love learning new things. Oklahoma has very few billboards. That would be nice during the day, but at night we felt like we were driving through this dark tunnel that lasted for miles and miles.

The Texas panhandle landscape is varied. From Flat lands, to hills, to washes and gullies. One other thing that strikes us is the working windmills. I have seen them on farms in Indiana, but they are old and not working. I have yet to see a non-functioning windmill here.

Last night, we stayed at a BLM campground. Lake McClellan is a small camping area with 18 sights. They had showers, electricity and water. Of course we could not hook up to the water since the temperature plummeted back to 23 early this morning. I'm sure there is warm weather ahead! We had chili that I brought from home, yummmm. It was a great thing to have on a cold night. Wish we had more since tonight is supposed to be as cold and very windy, driving the wind chill down. Total spent eating out $! Of course we have to pass places that offer huge trip, maybe.

We were awake at dawn to a beautiful scene. Of course, the first thing we do is look outside and see a large herd of deer. I counted 17 of all ages. Two immature bucks were chest butting in play, but soon they will be fighting for their territory. One will win and the other will either die or move on to find his own herd. Oliver thought he should be able to go out to play with those "really big dogs". The deer could hear us talking, in normal volume, in the motor home. Their ears perked up and they stood on maximum alert. He also thinks the Black Angus are there for his entertainment.

Gas prices are getting more expensive. They have not reached the high we paid in Indiana though. While John was filling the tank, I would take Oliver for his walk. The odd thing is that people out here do not seem to pick up after their dogs. There are piles and piles of dog doo. It was hard to find a clear place for Oliver to make his deposit. I promptly picked it up and deposited it where it belonged.

We have seen a few working oil wells and large groupings of wind turbines. One thing I like about the turbines is that they are not ugly. They move gracefully and not adding to the scenery, they do not detract, either.

Oh, another thing. You hear that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, I have one to tell you about. I have noticed, as we drive ete bridges are longer and taller. We just passed under one that was an inch under 17 feet.

Off to the south, there is the longest train! They don't have trains this long in Indiana either. We started seeing these long, long trains when we reached Oklahoma.

How many you you remember a TV series called Rout 66? We have traveled on parts of this. Some stretches are new and some old, taking you back in time.

As we enter Amarillo, I will sign off...See you tomorrow with news from west Texas and New Mexico...Headin to Alburquerque!

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