Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Bye Albuquerque

We took our time leaving Albuquerque today. We stayed the Enchanted Trails RV park. It was just okay. Would not want to stay more than a night. Since our motor home needs to stay winterized until we arrive in warm weather, we need to stay places that have showers (if we are not boondocking). The office and other rooms in the building were great to see. They have been left decorated in the earlier period before interstates took over for route 66. A bit of history at our fingertips. We enjoyed leisurely showers, did a little surfing and spent a lot of time just talking.

We were greeted by the largest owl I've ever seen. Some of you bloggers have posted photos of this kind. Little short pointy ears. He swooped over us as we were pulling into our space. The wing span! Wow! But his flight was silent. God sure made it so he could fly down and grab his prey without being heard. He landed on a tree in our spot and Oliver and I just stood there and talked to him. He just watched us. I think he was quietly sayin "just WHO do ya think your talkin to??? He stayed for a long time after Oliver and I went back into the "Road House" to fix dinner.

Dinner was nice thick pork chops and stir fry veggies. I used Penzey's Spice called Arizona Dreamin. Thought that was very appropriate, don't you? No, no eating out, no additional expense. Only gas since last Friday. Money saved! We did join Passport America. That saves us 50% on Parking / camping at night. The seem to have a huge number of places for over night stays. The fee was $44.00 and saved us $20.00 last night. One or 2 more overnight stays and it will have paid for itself. We also joined the Good Sam Club last fall, therefore double covered. Where one will not be effect, the other one will be, hopefully.

We are driving on Route 66 today. The interstate is to our left. Let the folks whiz by. The wind is blowing from 15 to 35 mph and makes for some tiresome driving. One thing that takes minds off the driving is to be driving along and cross cattle guards in the roadway. Hey, we just passed a for sale sign. Anyone want 2240 acres in AZ?

Well Route 66 just emptied onto I 40 again and we are off to Flagstaff. We hope that we can continue to outrun the bad weather. Just checked Weatherbug and from Albuquerque to Louisiana a bad, bad winter storm is coming. So far, we have been able to out run it.

I just looked up and see something! Yuck! SNOW! It looked like snow fog from a distance. It has reduced visibility tremendously. Still, from a distance it looks like fog, but we are being hit with flakes and as I write this the snow is increasing. The Temperature here in the motor home has dropped. It Was toasty with the sun, now we need to turn on some heat.

We passed a RV being towed by a wrecker. It was heart breaking to watch. It could be us. I am thankful that we have insurance for roadside service and towing. God has blessed us on this trip. Our motor home is running perfectly.

We are in elk country. There are warning signs along the road warning of Elk Crossing!. I'd love to see one as long it is not running in front of us. Now the snow is much heavier! Going to go "help" John drive. Thanks for stopping in and please be sure to leave your comments. I enjoy hearing from you.

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