Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feelin Gooood!

Yesterday was a great day!  We got to use the new compact washing machine and wall all the clothes we have worn for the last 3 weeks.  The washing machine is great to have.  I'm ticking off my savings every time I use it.  We saved more than $20.00 by not having to go to a laundromat.  When we have paid for the machine and I can call it "profit"  for a lack of  a better term, I  will be even more grateful!  I do know that I put laundry off too long though.  Sounds like sticks and bricks / home doesn't it. 

I also lined the cabinet shelves with rubber mats to keep the dishes, cups and mugs from sliding and chipping.  That is a task I have wanted to do since we purchased our "road house" in July.  The inside of the cabinets looks so good now!  Living in 400 sq. ft. has made me obsessive about keeping things in their place!  Just one thing out of place in here can make the entire space look cluttered.  I've also learned much about what we can take out of here.  There are things that we were sure we would need / use that we have not even given a thought to.  But there are also things we intend to bring from now on.  One thing is my printer!  I've needed to print several things and haven't been able to.  What's a person to do?  Make adjustments, I suppose. 

We had rain last night and the higher elevations we blanketed with snow.  It's a lovely sight.  We will be crossing more foothills and mountains of the Sierra today.  After a day of work, I'm ready to grab my camera and ride.  I really hope that we do not have to deal with as many switchbacks as we did Thursday.  The driving can be physically draining as well mentally tiring for John. 

Yesterday, discovered more damage that the toilet had caused.  More carpeting had to be removed.  Oh, what  a stinky mess.  Not much fun for John.  Edmundson RV has been put on notice that they have a mess to repair.  They have been so good to do business with that I am sure they will "do us right" in this instance. 

I am reading another great book.  The title is bel canto and is written by Ann Patchett.  The setting is somewhere in South American and an opera star has been invited to perform as a birthday present for one of the guests of the Vice President of this country.  Terrorists take over the mansion and the story unfolds from there.  In this book, you find drama, comedy, love stories, friendships form and compassion expressed.  It is a great read. 

Time to shower and get back on the road.  Bye for now...

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