Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Saturday found surrounded by many of the first buildings built in Sioux Falls. We were making our way to the one hundred twenty acre Falls Park, the major destination for recreation in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

Upon entering the park, we were greeted on this gorgeous sunny day by a Bison.  Nooo, not real, but the detail in this piece of artwork is to be admired.  This animal is truly "the monarch of the plains."

After hearing the roar of water falling off cliffs for quite some time, we had our first glimpse of the falls.  What a pretty sight! I wanted to try to take photos of the falls from every possible angle, so I had plenty of exercise walking it perimeter. 

From a distance, we could see visitors streaming over the falls on a trestle.  Thinking that it was for pedestrians, we inched our way toward and up onto the trestle.  Discovering that trains traversed this route, we were hesitant to continue. But we did since we were midway.  I would never do it again now that we saw a "No Trespassing" sign at the end.  Thank goodness it was Saturday and the train was not running.  

This was our view, from the trestle, of the Big Sioux River flowing toward the falls .  

 Now, we are finally off the trestle and on the other side of the river.  

Located throughout Sioux Falls are bronze statues.  The statues range from animals to soldiers, children, and even one replica of the Statue of David as seen in Italy.  

Two that we saw in the park were the Pledge Allegiance and the Farmer.   

web photos
 It has been along day of walking the Falls.  Oliver, Olivia, John and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I got to achieve my mileage goal.  

Thanks for joining us on our remembrance tour of Falls Park. Tomorrow, we will visit the Old Courthouse Museum of Sioux Falls and Indian Art.  

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Till next time....God bless!


  1. You just missed Janice and Dave. :)

  2. it really is a pretty, pretty place. . .

    posting a link to my blog. . .hope that's okay. . .

  3. Went across river for not on the trestle!!

  4. Leave it to you guys to end up on a train trestle. Fabulous pictures of the falls.

  5. Been there. Enjoyed that. Glad to see John is able to get out.

  6. I guess we were the only ones not to go there this year. It will be added to the bucket list.

  7. You capture the Falls wonderfully! Looks like a lovely day too.

  8. I guess I didn't realize the falls were right in town within such a beautiful park - definitely a fun place to spend a late summer's day! Of course I am shocked by your outlaw behavior on the trestle :-)

  9. We enjoyed the falls, too, but were shocked by the amount of trash floating in the water. What's wrong with some people? Grr!

  10. I've never been to Sioux Falls and somehow didn't think they would have a real falls. It's very pretty. Your pictures were great!


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