Friday, January 10, 2014


 After leaving the plastic (fiberglass) surgeons, the coach was taken to a second surgery center, the orthopaedic surgery center in bay forty-one.  

Here in bay forty-one, we had not one, not two but three highly skilled surgeons:  Brandon Hester, Ricky Scott and Marion Haltom. 

As in our previous experiences, these three men were total professionals and deserve praise for all their difficult work.  

 Before surgery, another surgeon who had performed this procedure previously was consulted.  

Brandon and Ricky listened intently to his suggestions.

Ugg, what a mess.  

Getting that damaged water tank taken out was going to take some finesse and a lot of muscle and fire power!  

The floor under the water tank was going to have to come out.   


Armed with the second opinion, our surgeons, wasting no 
time, went to work.  
The surgical tools were rolled into place.  I saw some serious gizmos there.  

I discovered that these surgeons can also perform chiropractic adjustments!  

With this hydraulic jack, they were able to press down the rise in the floor and the frame.  

This work was all that was necessary in this area.  Of course, the door was another story.  

Then came the really critical portion of the surgery, the removing the damaged framework and the water tank.  

We all know that in a frame, water tank replacement, the damaged area must be cut away before the prosthesis can be installed.  

Out came the surgical saws.  Yes, saws is plural.  I saw not one, not two, but three surgical instruments.  

Each and every one was noisy.  

I have used one of these!  Not on the motorhome though.  I used it to cut a window in the side of our barn in order for the critters to have better air circulation during the hot summer weather.  Oops, I digress. 

Are we there yet?  

Just a little more over here!  That should just about do it.  

I'll fix that stubborn tendon!  

Okay, let's pull this baby out of here!  

On my count, one, two,  THREE!  

Mission accomplished!  

Now, to the next phase of the surgery. We need a renal specialist here though. It is time for Dr. Marion to do his magic.  

The wet bay must be dismantled.  

The walls are out of the wet bay and laid on the operating room floor.  

Sure hope they know how to put all that back together!  

Now, it is time to pull the water tank.  Out it came in record time!  Gee, that thing is large!  I had no idea it would be that big.  

Well, I had never given any thought to the water tank's size, only it's capacity. 

Here is the new tank waiting to be implanted into the cavity created by the damaged one. 

And here is the repaired space.  See all the shiny new framework?   

Water tank implanted into the cleaned cavity. And the framework painted with a rust inhibitor, undercoating has also been reapplied.  

Do you remember the wet bay?  THIS is the wet bay after the walls, hoses and wires have been removed or tied back.  

Doctor Marion has now cleaned the base of the wet bay. Thank you so much, Doc! 

That was not a fun job since some of the black water had leaked into the base.  

Now, he is going to put the wet bay back together.  

The days in Tiffin Surgery Center, operating room / bay forty-one are over.  Now, we wait for another plastic surgeon in the body shop.  Rumor has it that we will likely be called there Monday afternoon.  

At the end of each day, when all have gone home, the floors in the surgery center / service area are washed.  Amazing.

It is a good thing that we are coming to the recovery room soon! It has been a month and three days here at the Tiffin Surgery Center.  Of course, they were closed Christmas week, so that is not so bad.  But we are ready to travel, that's for sure.  
It was our plan to be in Quartzsite now, but you know what they say....."if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans!"  He knows best.  

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God bless you all!  


  1. Enjoy your time in the recovery room! ;)

    1. Thanks Judy, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  2. WOW over a month at Tiffin. That is a long time. You must have worked in a hospital to do such a good job of these two nurse???? therapist? Hope the guys at Tiffin read this, they'll love it!!

  3. That is a long time....hope recovery won't take long!
    I love that quote...If you want to hear God laugh.....Joe says to all the time!

  4. Looking good ... slow, but good. I was also surprised when I saw the size of the water tank ... in our case, they opened a side panel to remove it when they were replacing the wet bay's rotting floor, one of their warranty issues.

  5. time y'all are done there, you will have a brand new least on the outside.

  6. Looks like the surgery has gone well, and hope recovery is quick too.
    We will enjoy Quartzsite for you ok?

  7. That's quite an undertaking for sure. Glad it's finally coming together for you. Also, glad you got credit for our purchases.

  8. You certainly picked the right surgery center. Nice that they allowed you to watch over their shoulders as the repairs progressed. I hope the healing goes quickly so you can get rolling again soon!

  9. What an ordeal...glad your almost there and soon the road will open to places unknown!

  10. All I can say is "Wow!" A month and three days is a long time to be hanging out in Red Bay. I hope the doctor gives you your prescription for pills and sends you on your way soon. Or else, you will need a psychiatrist.

  11. Hope you have a quick recovery and are back on the road soon!

  12. We are loving your step by step pictures and descriptions.... what a great job they are doing for you!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

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  14. I love the way you share the story and all the photos. That's quite the process. Hope you're on your way to Q soon.


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