Saturday, December 8, 2012


Doc Lykens has given John clearance to go!  Wazoo! Hooray!  Yippee!  Praise the Lord!  

Now, if we can get our last minute errands done fast enough.  We need to fax three items to various places, finish buying grandson, Ross' Christmas gift.  Deliver other Christmas gifts. Then we hook up the trailer, load the Miata and we are off.

John could not sleep last night.  He was probably fretting about our to do list. We probably will not get very far today.  But hey, we no longer live on a schedule, so however far we get is further than we have been, right?  Right.  

See you on the road, unless the creek rises does the rest of that go?  

Be safe out there and  God Bless!


  1. Heres hoping all goes well and no other delays occur. May the wind be at your back ...

  2. When we took off back in January of 2009, we were trying to outrun a snowstorm. We had so much to do it was about 2:00 in the afternoon and I said we should wait until the next morning. Jim said no, we're leaving even if we only go 50 miles. We actually went 125 miles and spent the night in a motel room because there was so much snow and it was so cold. Took us two more days to get out of the snow. But it was so worth it. But don't let John get too tired. That's the most important thing. And yahoo!!!!

  3. Yay, Yippee and Praise the Lord :)!!! Have safe and happy travels

  4. Oh, that's great news! Have fun!

  5. What a great answer to prayer! Things are looking up. Do what you can do, don't overwork, and you'll be on your way. Safe journey to you, Nan and John!

  6. This is the best news I have gotten all day. YIPPEEEEE!

    Safe travels my friend.


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