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Ellsworth Air Force Base and the South Dakota Air and Space Museum in Rapid City.  

There is just one problem.  After entering the museum, I was so mesmerized that I forgot to take photos. AND we were too late for the tour of the missile site.  Oops....that was two problems. 

 Anyway, the displays in the museum were exceptional.  We find that each air force base we visit has a totally different style of museum.  This is the best, thus far.

The next day we went into Rapid City.  John was intent on visiting the Dakota Angler and Outfitter to purchase even more Dakota Angler & Outfitter

While John spent time there, I walked for a few blocks looking at the bronze statues of the presidents.                           Later, John and I continued the walk.  Of course my favorite would be of Abraham Lincoln with son, Todd at his knee.                                                                       

 There on Lincoln's right knee is a telegram from the U.S. War Department with a June 7, 1864 report on the progress of the Civil War.   I assume that Lincoln is trying to explain the war and the reason for the loss of so many lives.

Indiana's contribution to the list of presidents,
William Henry Harrison
George Herbert Walker Bush

Styles have certainly changed over the decades.

While on my walk, I came upon a curious business that specialised in picture framing, was also a yarn shop and an antique store.  The yarn shop was of interest to me as I am about to finish a blanket for grandson, Ross.  I needed some advise and a crochet hook.  I have knit the body of the blanket but want to create a frame around it making all the sides neat.  

On my return to meet John, I spy a delicious smelling Italian restaurant, Botticelli Restorante Italiano.                                                                                      It seems that John agreed with my choice.  He says that it is the best Lasagna that he has eaten.   That is saying quite a bit since he absolutely loves lasagna.                       

                                                                                                                                                                                                  This was our view from the Botticelli's.  Rapid City has a wonderful gathering area right in the center of town.  There are activities scheduled every day.   

Cabela's was our host campground for our stay in Rapid City. We had the opportunity to meet Judy and Loren, two of our numerous neighbors.  

Their Mountain Aire had a stubborn jack and John was able to help getting the jack to retract.  This was a great thing since, due to John's health, the shoe is usually on the other foot with people helping John.  Needless to say, he was "flying high" for a couple of days.  

We also experienced the Berlin Wall in Rapid City.  

"After the Berlin Wall divided the city in 1961, it came to symbolize all communist oppression.  Man's escape became one of the most meaningful and important actions to freedom-loving people throughout the world."
The exhibit features two twelve foot panels of the actual Berlin Wall.  The area has a walkway that hosts interpretive placards.  At the base of the wall sits two tank obstacles.  It is truly a Cold War victory memorial.    

Another portion of the memorial park is a tribute to those that died in the flood that besieged Rapid City and the Black Hills of South Dakota on June 9 and 10, 1972.  

Canyon Lake Dam became obstructed by upstream debris and eventually failed.  Water flowed into the city sweeping away 238 lives and injuring another three thousand fifty seven people. This memorial is in memory of the lives lost.  Each person is listed on the memorial that is nesting in a lavish rose garden.  

Our time in Rapid City was much too short, but we needed to move on.  We feel that cold weather is creeping our way.

Where next?  Come back and you will see.  

Thanks again for shopping Amazon through this blog!  

God bless!    


  1. I loved your day in Rapid City. . .you saw different things than we saw. . .how cool is that?

    1. There is more to see. We may return next year to see more.

  2. Rapid City is one of my favorite cities. I loved looking at all the president statues. Paul and I really enjoyed the Air Museum. One of the best for sure. Did you get to see Chapel in the Hills? It is so lovely. If not, put on our list for the next time you are in that area. You will really enjoy it.

    1. Did not see Chapel in the Hills. On our list for next time.

  3. I usually avoid cities at all costs so I had no idea Rapid City was so interesting. Do they really have all the presidents in statue? Wow! So sorry to hear about the loss of life due to the dam. I really dislike dams and what they do to rivers and people.

    1. Rapid City is so easy to get around. I am not sure if every president is represented, but I would say at least 90%

      I agree with you re: dams

  4. I had no idea that Rapid City had so much to offer! Thanks for the tour!

    1. They have even more than I mentioned.

  5. Been in that area a few times. Never really took the time to visit the city. Thinking I missed out.

  6. I love going through air and space museums. We've visited many.

  7. I think capes like Zachary Taylor was wearing should come back in style. You'd look so dashing wearing one! ;c)

  8. But you didnt say what you bought at the yarn store!

  9. Roses blooming in the northern plains in October? Do you know what they do to their roses to get them to produce such a display? Lovely but 'taint natural!

  10. Like others, I had no idea that Rapid City had all the art and history in its downtown. I'm thinking the fifth graders must get a kick out of standing "with" the presidents they are learning about - these days their reports must all include "selfies" with their choice :-) I would find the piece of Berlin Wall very moving - an incredible time in our living history. Thanks for a great tour!


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