Monday, August 5, 2013


After  a couple of days without our pump and the heat continuing to make it impossible for John to change a pump, I just started to play with valves a.  I could have, but nd switches.  Somehow, I managed the correct switch positions and we had water.  Nan and John one, Murphy zero!

Then, Murphy decided to attack once more.  I had photography that I wanted to download to Picasa and the port on my computer was not securing the USB connector.  

For days I could not blog.  To put it better, I did not want to blog without photos.  Rick tried to help.  But since all my photos come from my Droid Smartphone, he did not have the answer.  

Yesterday, I decided to email all my photos to me so that I could blog.  During this process, I saw a strange, to me, looking symbol.  I clicked on it and voila, there were about fifteen options that I could do with the photos and one was.....send to Picasa!  My phone, obviously, is smarter than I.  
Nan and John two....Murphy zero.  

Sequoia National Park was next on our list, so that is where we headed.  And the heat followed us leaving Jojo with cooler temperatures. 

We are convinced of one thing.  We need solar panels for the motorhome.  Our generator ran continuously for three and a half days in order to air condition the motorhome while we were boon docked outside the park.  

Here are a few photos of Sequoia.

John, the tree hugger!

Tunnel rock - you can easily drive a car through the tunnel created by the rock.

Small stream and waterfall coming down from the mountain.

Castle rock off in the distance.

The final waterfall of the rock stream from the mountain.
The six and seven thousand feet altitude created some shortness of breath for John so, we did a little and decided to return next year to see  more.  Gee, just gives us a good excuse to return!

Till next time, God Bless!



  1. Nice pictures. It's been almost 50 years since I was at Sequoia. Makes me want to go again - gee, I was just a kid and now I'm an old lady!! I hardly remember it.

    Solar panels won't necessarily solve the A/C problem. It would take a lot of solar and batteries to have enough amps to run a/c. Just make sure you ask questions of the installer and tell them what you need to do.

  2. fighting with Murphy can sometimes be no fun..glad you came out ahead!

  3. Once when I was having problems with my phone cord, I emailed the photos to myself. I have an iPhone, will have to see if it has a Picasa option. It's great that you got the water pump to work. I don't think solar panels will provide enough energy for A/C, but they are still a good thing to have when boondocking.

  4. Go Talleys...sometimes it just takes a while to get things figured out! That was some huge tree...I hope we get there one day!

  5. I was really hoping that you could get up higher and get out of the heat but I know what you mean about the shortness of breath. We've been having some bad days also. I love your solution - just keep pushing buttons and switches and everything else and yahooey - it works.

  6. Aren't the Sequoias amazing? We had the best time there. We found a couple of trails that took us deep into the forest. It was so quiet.

    Everyone we know that have solar panels love them. The upstart will hit the pocketbook pretty hard but well worth it if you are going to do a ton of boondocking.

  7. If John wants to hug a tree he needs to get longer arms or find a skinnier tree.

  8. Glad to see you are ahead!! Way to figure things out!

    We just love those trees. I guess you never get tired of looking at them.

  9. Looks like are wining in Murphy's game good for you.

    Like Donna said don't think solar will run you A/C units , if you get enough solar and batteries the cost would very huge!

  10. Someday I'll figure out that Picasa. Glad you won! That's one forest on Mr. Jer's list and mine! I think I lost you in my blogger to feedly or something...thanks for posting so I can go back and read your journey!

  11. Feels good to win doesn't it? That is one gigantic tree. Would take what 10 Johns to go all the way around.


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