Friday, May 24, 2013


We decided to leave Lake Perris State Recreational Area a day earlier than we estimated.  Visitors were beginning their long weekend early and we could see that it was going to be a noisy day.  

You are right.  We are spoiled.  We love the absence of human voices.  The discussions as to how to erect a huge tent for the first time, with each person having a different solution.  People talking on their cell phones so loudly that they probably didn't need to be heard back home..... since they were yelling into their phones, etc, etc.  

Beware Mosquito Clip Art
Fly Bug Insect Clip ArtFly Clip ArtThe flies and mosquitoes were already there awaiting their meals arrival in their cars, trucks pulling Mosquito Clip Art RVs and the motorhomes.    How is that for a multi-day banquet?

We moved south on the 215 and looked for a place to park for the night.  And here we are in the palatal estate of the Home Depot!  This is a huge lot and we do not hear one voice, the buzzing of mosquitoes or flies!  We will take the monotonous buzz of traffic any time over the voices of people that we do not know.  

In Jojo's town, is allowable to park a motorhome on the street for three days.  Tomorrow, Friday, we will park in front of her house and will leave Monday morning.  Hopefully, by then, we will have a place to land for the next five weeks.

The hot, hot weather is not "supposed" to hit the area until early July or late June.  June "gloom" is supposed to keep us cooler.  

Jojo's birthday is July 8 and we want to celebrate her birthday with her for the first time in twenty years.  Then, we are heading for cooler weather.

Where?  Not sure.  Our desire is cooler temperatures and no humidity.  Both are essential elements for keeping John healthy.  Any suggestions?  

We must be back in Indiana late October / early November for all of John's appointments with various physicians.  

We also need to schedule a visit to Red Bay, Alabama.  We want Tiffin to make a few repairs on the motorhome including a boo-boo that John got when he had a fight with a large rock.  

Leigh and Bryan from the blog found here always have great meals that Leigh posts in her blog.  I asked her how she manages to have all the ingredients.  She actually plans her menus for a week then makes her shopping list.  A great  big duhhhh here.  

Yesterday, I made a meal plan for the next seven days.  I put all the ingredients on my phone's grocery list and today, we purchased everything I will need for the next week.  We will see how this goes.

What is so neat is that Leigh and Bryan hardly eat the same thing over.  They go from one tasty recipe to another.  John and I think this is a neat idea and are willing to follow their lead.  

If you are looking for some good plant based recipes check out their blog!  The meals are to die for!  

Rocky Point at Eagle Lake

We met Leigh, Brian and Curtis (Olivia's friend) at Clark Dry Lake in Borrego Springs last March.  Then they found us again we we all camped at Blair Valley.

They are making their way to Washington state where they have land to park their Airstream during the summer months. 

Yesterday was our great-grand Harper's second birthday.  

She has changed a bit from this photo!  

And she is going to be a big sister in January!  

As an answer to our prayers, Kelly of The Bayfield Bunch has a diagnosis and is receiving treatment after a visit to the emergency room.  Read all about it in Al's blog.  

With that good news, I'm outta here!

God's blessing on each of you.  Travel safely...



  1. We just got thru our long weekend here in Ontario. $ days of noisy campers, now all is heavenly again.
    Hope you find the right spot.

  2. Hahaha you're funny Nan! Let me know how the menu planning goes!

  3. You two sure keep busy! I am so glad you said the photo of Harper wasn't a recent one. I is she little for her age.

    Glad to hear you can park in front of your daughters house for the holiday. No more exorbitant prices to stay in a State Park. We love quiet also!

  4. Have you thought about the Oregon Washington areas for summer travels?

  5. Several years ago I was searching for a place to settle with low humidity. I used to search for towns, and looked in the tab for the weather/climate. They use a comfort index with a higher number being good. The best town I found was Thermopolis, Wyoming. And there are natural hot springs in that town. Almost purchased an RV park in that town.

  6. Holiday weekends in public parks are the worst. Lots of noisy folks, smokey campfires, barking dogs, and general chaos. We would just grin (scowl)and bear it, waiting for the calm to return...


  7. Glad you got out of Lake Perris before the weekend. While we love dry camping there under the Giant Pepper trees I can tell you that the worst time we ever had in over 30 yrs of camping was at Lake Perris over a holiday weekend!
    I would head to beautiful Oregon if I wanted to get out of of the heat.

  8. That's great that you can stay outside your daughter's on the street. Hope you come up with a place that cooler temps and low humidity. Have you thought of the Yellowstone area?

    I follow Leigh also. I have made many of her recipes. She has some great websites that she uses. I hope to meet up with them someday.

  9. We don't really like the crowds either and would enjoy a quiet Home Depot parking lot over a crowded campground on a long weekend but that's not the case for us this year. At least we are getting paid for it!

    We are also getting ourselves organized to plan our meals for a week and get all of our groceries on one day for the whole week as we have nothing close by that we can just run out and pick something up if we forget. So far it is working really well.


  10. Hope you find a good place to stay near your daughter's for the next few weeks. It seems like it used to be easier to find alternative places like the church for these circumstances. Regardless, enjoy celebrating your daughter's birthday with her!


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