Thursday, November 15, 2012


19-02-2010_9RA.jpgIn my last blog post I wrote about John having a biopsy for prostate cancer.  Dr. Koch said that the results of the tests he ran showed an eighty percent chance of the biopsy confirming the cancer. Tursday afternoon was biopsy day.  

Friday, we left for Kentucky to pick up our Tiffin motorhome!  How could such a short ride turn into such a looooong ride?  Anticipation?

Saturday morning, we pulled into the dealer's lot and was greeted by our new home on wheels.  All the basement doors were open showing a spic and span basement. Ohhhh that storage.   When we walked inside, I said to John "welcome home!" What a blessing!
We love the extra room, but were surprised with the task of making everything fit.  Having slides changes the storage space in some of the cabinets.  We made a few adjustments and gave a bit more away to make everything fit.
  Early Monday  morning we were awakened to the thrumpthrumpthrump of a helicopter.  John said that he thought he had heard the sounds of a crash earlier. Sure enough, at the end of the drive to the dealers lot there was a head-on crash involving a pickup truck and a smaller compact car.  

loading patient into a Med Evac
The young man in the car had just left work after working the "graveyard" shift.  As he left, it was reported, that he told a co-worker that he was exhausted and was going home to bed.  He never made it home.  He fell asleep at the wheel and ran into the truck.  His condition was reported to be extremely critical.

  I called the dealer yesterday and they reported that he is improving - slowly.  Another blessing.  

It took us a total of four long, hard days to move and arrange everything.  In those four days, John totally abused his body and has paid the price since then.  Each day his condition improves.  But we learned a big lesson.  John cannot do the things that he used to do.  

The Colts plate will come later
John's final task was to put the license plate on the Tiffin!  

He was so tired that he could only put the plate on the back of the Tiffin and he left our Indianapolis Colts plate that rides on the front of the motorhome in the place of honor for a later time.    

Driver, take me to Greenwood, IN!  
We rolled out of the dealer's lot Tuesday afternoon.  It was so good to be on the road in our new home.  The ride is like floating in a bubble through the air.  And we can talk to each other in a normal voice.  No shouting over the noise of a gas engine. What a blessing.  

As you can see, Olivia likes riding in her new home. 
Both dogs are a bit miffed though.  In the Winnebago, they rode on the Dashboard.  No more dangerous traveling.  

Oliver says since he is the elder, he should ride on Mom's legs as she knits.  

Occasionally, both ride on my lap and the knitting is put aside.  

Since we have been back in the Indianapolis area, we have rested and awaited the outcome of the biopsy.  Today, we were given the diagnosis of......  NO CANCER! Another blessing.  

On a lighter note, you can see that Oliver's younger sister, Olivia is not
a beggar.  She just sits behind John with her chin on his shoulder and waits to see if he sneaks a treat to her when mom is not looking.

As you can see in this photo, there is still much arranging to be done.  Much of it is fiber that is waiting to be spun.  But this will wait for a few days. We are delivering pounds and pounds of llama fleece to a processing mill in Wisconsin that will wash, card and spin all the fiber into yarn to be sold on the internet.  

From Wisconsin, we will head to South Dakota to establish residency, title our motorhome, and get our South Dakota driver's license.  

We will probably spend Thanksgiving in South Dakota.  For the first time, we will not have any family to share our Thanksgiving dinner.  That is going to be strange.  

Our prayer of thankfulness will be long this year.  From John coming from death's door to his recovery and our full time living in our new motorhome.  What else could we be blessed with!  Absolutely nothing. 

It is time that we share our abundant blessings with others.  

Oh!  by the way, we closed on the sale of our condo Tuesday.  

Until next time....

Abundant blessings to you.... God is so good!    


  1. Oh, the news I've been waiting to hear, Nan! Now, you and John can begin living the lifestyle you wish to live. I'm very happy for you, and look forward to your blogs about your travels.

  2. How blessed you are indeed!! Nice to read of all your good news and especially the part about no cancer. Now you can get out there and really have some fun in that new home.

  3. Nan, I cried when I read the news. I've been praying so hard for you guys. I needed good news after hearing about Sherry and Jim's good friend Bill. I'm doing a happy, happy, happy dance. And your new home. Take as long as you need to get it settled. It's home now and it's all yours. Well and the pups who think it's all theirs.

  4. Ok Nanny Girl. My eyes are leaking. Another answer to prayer. Yes indeed God is so Good.

  5. It has been a tough road but it sure sounds like you have a whole bunch to be thankful for! up and safe travels to you both in your 'new home on wheels'!!

  6. You two have been busy! I am so happy for you and happy to read about the current blessings in your life, including the "no cancer" blessing. What a year you have had. God is good!

  7. Well look at you look, new title, new RV. Life is treating you very good.

    Aren't you full of such wonderful, blessed news. So very thrilled for you both about the cancer.

    Enjoy the ride and keep your trust in our Lord for a journey you won't believe.

  8. That Olivia is a hoot with her chin on John's shoulder! Sure hope you have a good heater if you're spending Thanksgiving in South Dakota! :)

  9. Great News! Enjoy your new home.

  10. Oh my what delightful news!!!!!! For him to be in the lucky 20% and all clear is SUCH a blessing----

    go forth and enjoy your lives, you have so much to live for!

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Old Blog Name) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard
    (New Blog Name) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

  11. I'm very relieved to hear both that John has no cancer and that the young man survived. So nice to read some good news first thing in the morning. Safe travels!


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