Thursday, August 2, 2012


You are sitting in the motorhome because it is too hot and humid, or you are going to physical therapy,  doctor appointments or going to Saturday's farmer's market?

Let me tell you, I have NO idea!  It is hard to find things to write about.  When I expressed this frustration to a friend, she reminded me that my followers are still interested in John's progress.  They/you have prayed for him and deserve updates.  Now that sure gave me one big wake-up call.

Maybe, just maybe, we have done or seen enough that I can fill you in on our activities. Activities??? 

Tomorrow is our one month full-time anniversary.  We left our house behind and came to the Brown County State Park, the largest state park in Indiana.  

The park is relatively new.  It opened in 1929 and rapidly grew in popularity.  This park has over seventy miles of bridle trails and twenty five miles of hiking and mountain biking trails.   It has been so hot and humid that John has been able to walk only one day.  That day, he walked for one and a half miles. Since that day his only exercise comes in physical therapy.  Thank goodness for physical therapy. 

In anticipation of soon being in locations with better weather , we purchased bicycles.  Both of us are excited about the prospect of riding as part of our exercise routine.  

Long ago, we had touring bikes and rode up to thirty miles a day.  The business of life got in our way and we  felt that we did not have the time to ride. Now, we have no excuse.  

1992 Mazda Miata 2 Dr MX-5 ConvertibleWe made another purchase this week.  Since we drive a Miata and it cannot be towed, we had to purchase a trailer.  Thank goodness the Miata is light and the combination of the car and trailer will be okay.

Sorry, the car picture will not re size.  It is a copy and paste. 

I have started walking again.  It is has been a while since I have seriously walked.  I had a pedometer and it fell off on one of my walks and I didn't know it.  Now I have one that instead of attaching to the shoe, it attaches at the waist. I have to calibrate it before I can use it.  

My walks started out with short distances.  The first few times out, I only did a half mile.  I soon graduated to a mile then one and a half miles, then two.  Today's walk was over two miles, but I have to use the car to get the  mileage.  

While I was walking this morning I saw a flock of   Downy Woodpeckers!  Of course, I did not have my camera with me.  

We have hung a Hummingbird feeder outside our dining window.  We started with a pair and now have six to eight at a time each working for a turn at one of the three ports. 

Being unable to get a photo of the hummer in flight with visible wings makes me wish for a better camera than my point and shoot.

This little fellow stopped by one afternoon.  It flitted from one place to another on the tree trunk then on to the branch near the Hummingbirds.  Judy, I imagine you can tell me what this is. 
This is how the Oliver and Olivia are spending the hot days.  They go out to do their business and come back in to help hold down the floor.  

And this is how John and I spend our hot afternoons.  Doesn't he look better?  I am so pleased.  

I did have a  scare last weekend though.  John had been complaining about how tired he was.  He was sleeping more than usual naps and said he was dizzy and lightheaded when he would stand.  

I assumed it was his blood pressure and quickly got out our meter.  I could not believe what I was seeing!  I thought there HAD to be a problem with the meter.  His blood pressure would always be in the 70's and 80's over 50's.  

I called a good friend who is a nurse and we discussed dehydration and just plain low blood pressure.  She suggested that he not take his medicine and we followed her advice. 

Monday morning and evening the readings were normal.  I then suggested that John not take the medicine again Monday.   But I did take the meter to our primary physician and had it checked out.  It was right on target.    Again Tuesday, no meds and the readings were in the normal range. I called the physician to bring him up to speed on what we were doing.  They insisted that John be in the office at 9:30 Wednesday morning.

John checked out fine at the doctors office and he is officially / legally off  blood pressure medication!  Why did this happen?  We feel that it is a dietary change we have made.  We have eliminated meat and dairy products.  We get our protein from legumes, eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruit and we are loving it!  

Karen, our oldest of three daughters, has been living this lifestyle for four years and it has made a vast improvement in her health.  She came to us with a DVD and a book titled Forks Over Knives.  
Forks Over Knives Poster

John and I watched the DVD and were convinced that our health would improve by eating this plant-based diet.  I have lost weight that I need to loose.  We both feel much better and have more energy.  And after recalling those feed lots full of cattle standing in their own feces made our decision an easy one. 

We met a lovely couple last week.  They camped next to us and our dogs played together.  He is a budding artist and she is a gentle spirit.  

Only one problem here.......I lost the note pad with their names and email address.  So, if you read this, please send your names again in the comment section of the blog.  

Friday, after they left, we were hit wish a thunderstorm accompanied with bright lightning and loud booms.  Oliver made John's lap his safety net! This photo was taken right after the storm with the steam rising from below.  Quite a lovely scene considering what preceded it.  

As we were driving down the hills we came upon a this set of triplets with their mom.  I really had to hurry to get this picture since mom was hurrying them off the road into safety.  I guess this is the day for triplets in blogs.  Judy came upon a mother bear and her triplets at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  

On down the road we happened upon some not-so-wise young men.  

A tree was blown onto the road and these gentlemen decided to drive over the tree catching the underside of their van on the tree.  They could neither go forward or backward.  In other words they were stuck.  I wonder how they are going to explain this mishap to their insurance adjuster.  

This week we have had the pleasure to have more neighbors that are quite pleasant.  They are avid bicycle riders.  They have recumbent bicycles, and upright bicycles.  They ride miles and miles, up and down the hills every day.  

They are a lovely family that is just getting over the shock and stress of having their eleven year old daughter diagnosed with brain cancer.  They are celebrating her last round of chemo therapy with this camping trip.  Tomorrow, I hope to have a photo of the entire family.  

They purchased the neatest apparatus for the daughter so that she can ride and keep up with the family.  The Ride Kick.  Maybe I can get a photo of her using it when she returns from camp tomorrow.

For someone that did not have much to say, I sure said way too much.  I think my friend is right, it is better to keep up to date on the blog.

Till next time, may God bless you.  


  1. It is SO good to hear from you. Is that the same John we saw a month ago :) He looks so good. Please have him take a picture of you and post it. I just pre orderd the newest Forks over Knives cookbook. 365 Days of recipies and ideas. I'm pretty excited about it. It will be out on August 14th. I am having it downloaded to my Nook. We watched the video on Netflix. (free)
    Thank you again for your update. I am thrilled with such good news.
    Betty from Milwaukie, OR

  2. Thanks for the update. Sounds like you and John have made some positive changes and are both doing well. Nice looking bikes and I hope you have lots of fun with them.

  3. Wow! That's a lot of news. The bird is a white-breasted nuthatch. John looks good, but very serious over that game. Is it Rummi cubes?

    Loved the comment about the dogs holding down the floor. :)

  4. You were probably just decompressing from all the stress of the hospital stay and moving out of the house. The day I left my house to start full-timing, I drove to an RV park in Southern Illinois, I had only planned on staying one night and ended up staying for around 4 nights, I think. Just sitting and looking at a lake at relaxing. What brand bike did you buy? I am looking at bikes and can't decide what to get. I try to eat a mostly vegetarian diet, and I eat gluten free, I occasionally eat meat and fish. I am not concerned about getting enough protein but I am concerned about getting enough B-12, because I have had problems with a low red blood cell count (but not a low iron count) all my life. I wonder if it is necessary to be totally vegetarian.

  5. Such great news about John. So glad he is feeling better and getting off blood pressure meds is a definite plus. You may think you haven't been doing anything but when you start writing it down, you've been busy. Hoping your weather breaks soon. But August is usually pretty hot most places. Hang in there. It will eventually cool off.

  6. I enjoyed hearing your news. I like to ride bikes, so I will look forward to hearing about your adventures in biking! Good job on the weight loss and getting healthy!

  7. Haha! Looks like you did have something to talk about after all. :) Glad to hear that things are going well, other than the heat. That's another reason why Harry and I plan to come up here to NY every summer - they are pretty nice for the most part. Even when it's hot, we have pretty pleasant nights and mornings.

  8. See? Once you get started, you unleash all the great stories you didn't know you had! Enjoyed reading your post, as always. How wonderful that John is off his blood pressure meds!! A vegetarian diet is a wonderful thing. We still eat meat and some diary, but we try to do so in moderation because we do grow a ton of veggies so we eat a good bit of vegetables.

    You sure have met a lot of interesting folks on the trip in just a month!

    For a simple point-and-shoot camera, it took a really good photo of the hummingbird in mid-flight.

    White-breasted Nuthatches are darling, but I miss the occasional Red-breasted Nuthatches that we used to get in town. I really like the way they go up and down tree trunks. :)

  9. You have enough in this one blog for at least three individual posts. But, I known what you mean about what to write about. Now that we are in Ohio for two months, we don't post each day. Readers understand that you don't post as much when stationary as when you are moving.
    Another blog I follow HIGHLY recommended Forks over Knives. I am going to check into it. I know it will be pretty tuff to try it while here with family and friends but once we are on the road again, we may be able to do it.
    Glad John is doing much better. Tell him to smile when his picture is being taken. He looks so serious...he must be thinking about his next move.


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