Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We have transferred a number of projects from the to do list to the completed list.  The number of completed tasks now is much longer than the other.  What a joy!  I would guesstimate that we are eighty-five to ninety percent complete.  

John took the old stove out and we are now ready for the new one to be delivered and installed!  This will complete the installation of all new, stainless appliances in a new and improved kitchen. Woo- hoo!  Each step seems like another mile marker passed on this journey.  

As John worked in the kitchen, I worked with our hired worker and we started and finished cleaning the large barn.  This barn was so much easier due to the fact that this was the home for our herd of Llamas.  We had started and finished with the barn within two hours.  

As I look back at our journey last year, I have memories of the Grand Canyon. The header photo was taken at one of the viewing spots.  We spent two days touring and exploring.  The altitude there was making it very hard for John to breathe, that most of our exploration was achieved by driving and looking.  

If we go again, we will plan to spend a week or so there in order for John's lungs to adjust to the altitude.  Then we will be able to do more exploration on foot.  

John and Oliver enjoyed the view.  And the views are magnificent!   It was a nice, sunny day that made the cooler temperatures easier to withstand.  

We stayed at the campgrounds there at the park.  There were about six RVs and Motorhomes in the campgrounds so each of us had our "space."  I would not like to stay there during high tourist season.  I would feel like a sardine packaged.   Looking out my window to see another window is not our idea of travel.  The song "Don't fence me in" just popped into my mind!  "Give me land, lots of land....don't fence me in!"  After living in the country, having someone close gives me the shivers!

Well, it's time to get back to working on the fifteen percent that needs to be completed in order to put the house on the market.  One lesson we have learned while working on the eighty five percent is that we cannot make a house that is twenty five years old to be new construction!  We must stop someplace or we will be remodeling forever!  

Here is looking forward to the rest of the journey! God bless you on yours.  


  1. Well, this is a wonderful post. So glad you two are on the downhill to completion. You are can't make a 25 yr old home would break the bank to even try. Keep up the good work. ~wheresweaver

  2. Yup.. it feels good crossing each thing off our list too! We are almost lock step here, but we are not replacing the appliances. They are 15 years old, but still working great. (the fridge is newer) Many homebuyers in our price range already have their own appliances. If that is the case, they can get rid of these on Craigslist. LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. I AM SO excited for you! Our longest year is just getting started. I did as munch as i could alone for two yers. Craig did what he could on weekends, but he is not much of a one for working around the house when he is also going to work every day. Now he is retired, and his attention is on the jobs o
    here at the house. I think he will also have a problem knowing when to stop. So far as he has bought materials it has bee , well it is "only $500 more for the better grade," He doesn't get the difference between what we might want to do, and what we can get by with to sell the house.

    I'm glad you can see a end to what needs to be done. I cannot yet see the difference between what we need to do and what we want to do. Our "new" appliances are now two years old!

  4. Wow, you guys are doing great! It's nice to read about someone who is that far along. It takes so much time and work, sometimes it seems that it will never end; you'll be an inspiration to those future full-timers who are still in the middle or just starting out on this part.

    I haven't been to the Grand Canyon yet, but that's on my bucket list, hopefully for this year. :)

  5. Many people race through life always going from point A to B and when they get to their destination say that the destination was nothing special. What they failed to see was the beauty they missed along the way. That 15% will feel like a breeze but the reward will be worth it.

    We did the Grand Canyon in summer of 2008 and parked at Flagstaff KOA. Our slide was touching the utility post and if we had used the fire ring it was about two feet from our neighbours trailer. Pictures of the Canyon change before your eyes as the clouds change the look of the landscape. It was truly awe inspiring.

    Enjoy the Journey!

    It's about time.

  6. You give me courage to even think about cleaning Bob's 30 years accumulation. Moving often certainly has it's benefits, or even better yet, calling a residence of 300 square feet or less "home sweet home"

    Just BS! (Bob and Sue)

  7. It must be great to see the light at the end of the upgrade tunnel:)

  8. Woot woot!! 15%!! I think we are at about the same point. I agree, we definitely will have to meet for a celebratory get-together down the road!! :)


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